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Image from Pexels

When you think of business, what images appear in your head? Power suits, budget meetings, Shark Tank, all that jazz. But what is business? Just like mitochondria, everyone knows about it, but not exactly what it does. Well, business, just like mitochondria, is the powerhouse of companies. It provides you with important skills like collaboration, public speaking, and creativity.

Are you really interested in business and want to learn more this vast and fascinating study? That’s where business clubs come in! Popular ones are DECA, Youngpreneur, and Business Professionals of America. These kinds of clubs provide experiences that can be transferred into any discipline, and teach you in a way your marketing textbook just can’t.

You might be wondering, why business? There are plenty sports, science, math, drama, etc. clubs to partake in. But business is special; it has the precision of the sciences with the creativity of the humanities. Calling all Mathletes who are also good with their words, this is your kind of club.

The Benefits of Joining a Business Club

1. Get Outside the Classroom

Joining a business club provides you with real life experience about the world of business. It can lead to some pretty cool opportunities, like traveling across to country to compete in nationals, or landing an internship at a bank! It’s these kind of opportunities that show you how businesses are run and companies are created, in a much more organic way than your AP econ class.

2. Get on the College Radar

The Common App only gives you ten extra-curriculars to list, so each one counts. Joining a business club is different from the conventional band and sport teams that are a dime a dozen. Interesting and original outside activities buff up your resume, and make you stand out when application time rolls around. For more on the importance of joining clubs in general, check out this snazzy article.

3. Show You the World

Ok, so I lied, you don’t fly on a magic carpet with Aladdin serenading you (but honestly, how cool would that be!?!), but business clubs offer you a first-hand view into the world of business. You have the ability to learn about marketing, management, accounting, and finance, important skills regardless of what career path you plan to pursue (why, you may ask? Click here). Nevertheless, business clubs are a great idea if you’re considering going into business later on; it’s nice to have it on your transcript and it’s even better to know what you’re going into. Thanks to Websites That Sell SEO for giving some valuable tips on the topic.

4. Create and Innovate

You don’t need to be Marc Zuckerberg to make cool products. Business clubs are a breeding ground for new ideas and allow you to take your vision and turn it into reality. It’s amazing what a few teenagers can do when they come together and innovate. Take a look at these pretty rad examples from the SAGE Canada on online reputation management software so you can get an idea on how you can innovate your business with the solution the software provides.

5. Give Back

Saving the best for last, I can say, from personal experience, that there is nothing more rewarding that being part of something bigger than yourself. Many business clubs have a charity component, which is a great way to demonstrate your entrepreneurial, leadership, team-working skills, and meet new people!

A thorough background in business studies equips you with skills you need for the future. It’s one of the most versatile fields because it’s used virtually everywhere. Interested in science as well? Hospital management combines medicine and business, giving you the best of both worlds! Joining a business club will teach you important skills like learning how to operate cardboard balers, allow you to meet new people, and most importantly, be a new and fun experience! Join one at your school or start a chapter of one.

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