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Image from Pexels

It’s that time of the year again when the weather has tormented you enough that even the education system gives you a free pass for a week. At this point you have a choice: you can go with the conventional week-long binge by the beach and return to campus red, tired and hungover, or you can use the time to do something productive while still actually having fun. Most commonly called alternative Spring Break, these options go above and beyond the mundane rite of passage every collegiate believes Spring Break to be. Because if we’re being honest, you do all of the not-quite-legal acts throughout the semester anyway.

1. Volunteer: One of the most common routes for college students to take, not only does volunteering feel fulfilling, it also looks great on your resume. Besides this, if you are a part of clubs that require volunteer hours such as Greek organizations, you can complete your obligations in one fell swoop, leaving you with much more free time for the rest of the school year. Several volunteering organizations are also present on campus and usually send small groups of students to specific locations, even outside the country. These are great opportunities to make life-long friends while also roughing it up.

2. Go backpacking: Speaking of roughing it up, another great option is going on a backpacking trip. While most people associate the word with traveling through Europe on a self-search, it is possible to relive the concept here in America itself. It really is a great way to learn more about yourself as a person, while giving you the skills to travel light forever.

3. Go to a big city: This is especially fitting if you grew up in the suburbs. It is a new experience, and one that may just influence where you wish to intern and eventually have a job. Being by yourself, or even a few friends in a big city allows you to have your first taste of independence – and all the hotel bills that comes with it.

4. Try extreme sports: When else will you have an uninterrupted stretch of seven days when your parents (or conscience) don’t tell you to pick up an internship or even a job at the local Burger King? While everyone else is bright red from the beach, you can work on getting a gradual tan from your campus sun after your week snowboarding in Colorado.

5. Go home: On one hand you have the students who whine to their best friends who just want to go home and sleep, while the other half go home to visit their parents every weekend (looking at you, instate students!) Just take the week off and get the Netflix binges out of your system. Staying on campus come next weekend will be worth it – you’re missing out on part of the college experience you never knew about.

Whatever you choose, Spring Break is a time to get away from your books and grow in other ways, whether spiritually or resume-wise. At the end of the week, there’s always next year!

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