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As a member of the Class of 2018 I’ve already realized some of the things that most people forget to bring to college. A lot of them aren’t obvious, or maybe they are, but in my last four days here I’ve met many people who confirmed that they forgot to bring a certain item to college. After participating in a 3 week summer program for incoming freshman and living on campus I realized that there were things that I had forgotten that were essential for successful living. So to help any people who are still preparing to go off to college here are a few things that you need to make sure to bring with you.

1. Umbrella

As obvious as this may seem I’ve seen quite a few freshmen running around campus, darting between buildings, all in all trying to avoid as much rain as possible because they forgot to bring an umbrella to school. I recommend bringing two umbrellas, one smaller travel sized umbrella that doesn’t weigh too much so you can leave it in your bag and another full sized umbrella, not only in case the other breaks but also so that if you look outside and see a downpour in the morning you’ll have an option of more protection.

2. Calculator 
Think about it, when was the last time you actually picked up a calculator? For many students that answer is June but for some the last time may have been February, like a friend of mine who just moved to the US from Mumbai for college. Usually when you’re at home you won’t need your calculator on the first day of class so you may end up leaving it at home, which isn’t a problem because you will be able to go home that night and throw it in your school bag. If you’re travelling to a college 500 miles away and you forget a calculator you’ll end up with one of three options: begging someone to let you borrow their calculator during class, having your parents mail it to you which could take over a week, or having to buy a completely new one.

3 & 4. Ear Plugs and Eye Mask

Sometimes there are 3 parties going on in the rooms above you and somebody thinks it’s a brilliant idea to bounce a basketball like it is not 2 am in the morning. Just because you may be respectful of quiet hours it doesn’t mean everybody else is so you need to make sure to bring some ear plugs. Another reason for this may be that your roommate cannot sleep without having some sort of noise playing in the background and if that bothers you ear plugs may come in handy. Also, if you’re light sensitive make sure to bring an eye mask in case your roommate is still up doing homework and needs the light on. They can also help to give you the illusion of complete darkness if it’s mid day and the blinds just aren’t cutting it.

5. Step stool

If your bed is raised up on a high setting it is essential for you to bring a step stool. If you’re jumping into bed every night you may end up disturbing your roommate or even missing the top and hurting yourself. While I stand at a mighty 5’7” I still struggle to get onto my bed so this stool has come in infinitely helpful for me. During my summer program I leaped on to my bed quite a few times, so this step stool has come in infinitely helpful.

While there is a good chance you won’t remember to bring everything to college hopefully thanks to this you’ll remember a few things you would have forgot. From pencils to printers, pictures, to a broom and dust pan and maybe even hangers. There are things that will be forgotten but hopefully with enough planning they won’t be.

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