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College parties can be seriously overwhelming, especially of the introverts of the world. When you prefer peace and quiet, throwing yourself into a college party is not an easy transition. Hopefully these tips will be sort of helpful for those introverts who’ve never attended college parties. It will hopefully give you a “guide” to not only surviving, but fitting in at college parties.

1. Make small talk. 

Okay, bear with me hear, I know it’s crazy to even attempt small talk while at such a loud place. However, I think that just making easy and basic conversation with a friendly looking person or someone that you may recognize from your classes but have never really talked to. I also believe it’s important and comforting to have a friend go to these parties with you, being alone especially when you’re overwhelmed is a bad idea. If you do have a friend with you, don’t stay inside your own bubble. You don’t have to do anything crazy but go outside your comfort zone a little and actually converse with people. You might even end up meeting some super cool people! Just be natural about it and everything will work out.

2. Don’t be afraid to dance. 

Obviously, be careful about stranger danger whenever you dance. But nine times out of ten, you can have a nice time dancing out there. Don’t go alone and remember that it’s okay if you feel stupid. Introverts in particular hate parties and that’s something that you just can’t change but I do believe that you can still enjoy being around people and just letting loose. You may not be used to the party environment and you may not want to be, but you can still have a good time every now and then. Maybe just this one time and if you hate it then don’t go back. Living in the moment and doing your best to just have fun is all that matters in these types of situations.

3. Remember that you don’t have to get drunk. 

You can have fun sober if that’s want you want. Do whatever you think is best for you personally. Don’t do something that makes you uncomfortable. If you don’t want to get drunk then don’t do it. Only you can make that call. Just keep in mind that it’s you that makes the decision and don’t make it because you feel like that’s expected of you at parties. Going to a party and not drinking can be a normal thing. Use your own personal judgement as you make this pretty significant decision.

4. Don’t leave your drink unguarded. 

If you do choose to drink, don’t leave the drink sitting on some table. You may not remember which is your cup and end up picking up a different cup which could end badly. It’s a wise precaution to take. As Alicia points out in this awesome guide to college parties, if you need to tie your shoes or something, ask a friend to hold your drink. You’ll be grateful you did so later on. And I also like how Alicia says that you don’t have to assume that everyone at the party is out to drug you or harm you, just make judgement calls that you believe are the safest for yourself and your friends.

5. Get to know whomever is throwing the party. 

This is a fairly random tip and it’s relevance pretty much depends on the party you’re at. If it’s one that’s thrown by one or a few more people then try to talk with them. In a way, this also applies to parties thrown at sororities and fraternities. If you’re at the party because a friend happened to tell you and you have no connections to the party throwers, find them and talk to them. Just introduce yourself and let them know you had a good time. You don’t have to be overly friendly to them or anything, but if you truly enjoyed yourself then it’s a smart thing to align yourself with the party throwers. That way, your chances of getting invited to the next party that’s being thrown will increase.

Again, if you don’t feel comfortable speaking to these people and you just want to leave, go for it. These are some tips that may or may not work depending on your personality and what all you’re up for. Never do anything that gives you a bad feeling or stresses you out. Be yourself and you’ll be good to go!

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