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Keeping up with a regular social life over the summer can be both interesting but also boring. Whether you’re going back to your hometown or staying in your college town, summer is a time for many things. While it can be easy to get swept up in summer jobs or internships and everything else going on, don’t forget about college life as well. Here are five tips to help you with keeping an active social life.

1. Go to Parties

No matter where you are, there’s bound to be a party somewhere at some point during the summer season. You don’t need to go to like a Project X style rager, but you can still attend a nice gathering with your friends every now and then. You can do this by just keeping in contact with your close friends or simply your acquaintances.

2. Take a Break From Work

You don’t work 24/7! When you need some time to yourself, call up a friend and ask them to get coffee with you. I think it’s important to maintain contact with people that you talk to during the school year. Even if everyone is in different places, you can still communicate with them every chance you get. It can get boring extremely fast if you just absorb yourself in work and avoid active contact with your friends over the fairly long summer break.

3. Limit Netflix Watching Time

Everyone is different, I definitely believe that. However, I think I can honestly say that most of us do indeed sit around and watch Netflix during the break. An alternative to this could easily be I don’t know, hanging out with your friends? Netflix is awesome but so is actually communicating with different types of people besides just being lazy. Getting out of your comfort zone is an important thing and it’s what summer is all about! So make sure to try new things as much as possible.

4. Keep In Contact With New Organization Or Club Friends

If you’ve gotten involved in any sorority or some type of club, do your best to touch base as often as possible with your sorority sisters/friends that you’ve made. You don’t even have to talk to them every day, and obviously you don’t have to be with them every second of the day. But I do think that you should keep close and don’t just drift apart. Sometimes in high school, it was really easy to see your friends during the school year and not at all during the summer. I think we all have particular friends we choose to hangout with out of school and some that we have a relationship while in school but not out. Maybe there shouldn’t be such a distinction, can’t we all just get along? We’d all have a lot more friends that way. Anyway, make an effort to keep up these friendships even when you’re on break and have a million things to worry about.

5.  Don’t Forget Old Friends

This one is pretty obvious but I figured it’s too important to leave off here. If you’re going back home or if you’ve never left your home to go to school, make an effort to spend time with your old friends some as well. Yes, people drift apart and go their own ways, but it can be nice to reunite with some old friends, even just for the summer. It can be tough to balance new and old friends when you throw in work and vacations and classes if you’re taking summer ones, but still keep it in mind. Sending your old high school friends short little texts just letting them know that you haven’t forgotten them and you want to catch up sometime will mean a lot to them. Sometimes you find that things have changed since you’ve gone to school and maybe you’ve grown apart, but you never know until you reach out and make some kind of effort to talk to your friends yet again.

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