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Delivery and takeout meals are beyond popular for college students. As students get deeper into the semester they also tend to get tired of the on campus dining options and begin to rely on local restaurants for meals. With the limited number of delivery options, going out to eat can start getting time consuming.

GrubHub makes ordering from local restaurants easier than ever before. It allows you to order from their website and they pick it up form the restaurant and bring the food straight to your location. Now you don’t have to spend your time waiting in the Chipotle line, and can spend more time doing what you need to do while you wait for your order to be delivered to your dorm.

GrubHub has recently done a study on all of their orders coming from .edu email addresses and tracked what schools were most likely to order what types of foods. We were sent this information from Spoon University, who’s been partnering with GrubHub to take on the college food scene. Is GrubHub popular on your campus and wondering if your school made the list? Keep reading to find out.

Most Likely To Have a Midnight Snack
Colleges that had the most orders between 10pm and 2am
• Syracuse University: 24% of orders are late night orders
• Michigan State University: 21% of orders are late night orders
• University of Connecticut: 18% of orders are late night orders

Most Ethnically Diverse Campus
Campus with the most ethnic orders per day.
• Columbia College: 44 ethnic orders
• New York University: 37 ethnic orders
• School of the Art Institute Chicago: 33 ethnic orders

College with the highest number of vegetarians
The campus that had the most vegetarian orders
• Cornell University: 6% of orders are vegetarian
• Yale University: 6% of orders are vegetarian

Most Eco-Friendly Campus
The campus with the most orders that checked the “spare the silverware” option.
• University of Colorado: 12% of orders were eco-friendly
• University of Washington: 12% of orders were eco-friendly
• Virginia Tech: 11% of orders were eco-friendly

The Sweetest College
College with the highest number of desert orders
• Regis University: 11% of orders including desert options

Spiciest Campus
Campus with the largest number of spicy food orders
• University of North Carolina: 4% of orders included spicy food
• Occidental College: 4% of orders included spicy food
• Emory University: 4% of orders included spicy food

Pickiest College
School with largest number of special instructions with orders
• North Carolina A&T: 27% of orders included special instructions

GrubHub also found trends including college students being 100% more likely to order late night meals, 179% more likely to order a cookie with their meal and 92% more likely to order General Tso’s Chicken. Did your school make the list? Check out GrubHub’s website  to see if they deliver in your area and start making dining out more convenient.

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