Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

For many of us, attending high school is one of the most remarkable moments in our lives. In high school, we are given the opportunities to challenge ourselves academically, extend our comfort zones, make new friends, engage in various interests, dress up as your favorite princess or prince during prom, and….find someone we love and care about.

Whether it’s the usual person who you have been holding hands with for a while on Friday nights, or a first date with the boy or girl who you finally had the courage to ask out, it can be difficult to think of exciting and fun ideas to date without draining your wallet. Running out of reasonably cheap ideas for dating? Try plan a fantastic date with your sweetheart with one of these economical activities!

1. Have a Picnic 

Have a romantic picnic. Take your partner to a beautiful landscape such as beside a lake, a rooftop garden or a park. Prepare your picnic basket with some of your freshly homemade sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, and cans of soft drinks. Make yourselves comfortable by reclining on a red-checkered blanket that is traditionally brought along to picnics, and enjoy the scenery of the baby blue skies. Let the flowers blossom while you and your date spend quality time together!

2. Hiking 

Watching the sunset side-by-side on the summit; Gazing the sky birds flying over the white cloud. A hike is a great way to say “I love you” to your partner. Not only is hiking economical, it also offers the opportunity to escape the bustling city life and to take a step back from the frantic pace that is the city and to lay back, relax and appreciate the natural world around us. Also, it spices up your relationship by adding adventurous memories to it, ones that you can cherish.

3. Rent a Bike 

Fancy a day of exercise? Rent a bike out with your partner and experience the beauty which your town or city has to offer. Regardless whether you bike up a mountain and enjoy a great view of the natural environment, or bike to your local restaurant for a cool, refreshing lemonade, biking offers endless possibilities. To top it off, you get that much needed exercise for both you and your partner whilst enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company and the splendor of nature.

4. Visit Museums 

Immerse yourself into the historical world by visiting a museum. Not only are they cheap in general, but they offer a wealth of knowledge and ensures that a conversation won’t ever fall flat as you’ll have plenty to discuss. Visit the different types of museums in order to cater to aspects which interest you and your partner, such as the military museums, art museums or cultural museums.

5. Bake Together 

Dessert is the key to anyone’s heart. Try make your own caramel cake topped with fluffy vanilla cream with your date if both of you are tired of food pictures from buzzfeed! Baking with your date can be relaxing and fun – feel free to expel your creative energy by giving your recipe a little yummy twist (Rainbow sprinkles, anyone?). Together, watch the flour rise inside of the heating oven. The baked good will the product of both of your love and hard work. Not a fan of desserts? Cook savory dishes with your date!

6. Play Games

Want a blast to the past? Try playing some board games. Roll back from the internet age, turn off that pesky smartphone constantly buzzing with updates from your Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram and enjoy the plethora of board games available for you (Pictureka is an awesome game for couples!). Compete with your partner over a game of scrabble. Not only do you enjoy planning strategy to ensure the maximum amount of points but you also build up your vocabulary leading to an enjo

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