1. Hard work is what counts in the long run

This American Life isn’t a strictly college admissions podcast; it’s a podcast that tells stories worth telling. Each episode focuses on a particular theme, and this one was about college. One story from the episode features a college admissions director who reflects on the common occurrence of parents intervening. The main story told was about a man who plagiarized an essay that a student teacher loved and it led to him getting into a nicer high school. After that, he ended up going on to Harvard and he tracked down the teacher who helped him and it turns out it happened differently than he remembered. Basically, the lesson to keep in mind is that hard work gets you far. If you worked hard in high school, that should make you feel at least a little bit better as you get through the college admissions process as gracefully as you possibly can.

2. Remember that everyone has a shot regardless of their background

Host of NPR’s show “All Things Considered” talked to a former director of National Association Of College Admissions Counseling and said that institutions are looking for a diverse group of students. So, no matter what your background is, you have a shot at your dream school. So don’t let any statistics discourage you from going after it!

3. A college admissions timeline is important

In order to lighten your stress load, setting an admissions timeline for yourself is incredibly important. Admissionado’s college admissions podcast is nearly two years old, but it’s still as relevant as it was then. All of these episodes are helpful for those who may be struggling with this specific process, but this episode discusses time management and pacing yourself during this time, and it really stood out to me.

4. Take control of the college selection process

The College Admissions Clinic only released this one episode and like the last one listed, it’s actually a little bit old. However, the information is still significant and calming to both students and their families. One of the podcast hosts was a professor, and he shared what he has learned about students finding the right college for them. Another important lesson that’s talked about is how students can take control of their college selections, which then can help them through many aspects throughout the rest of their life. This podcast is helpful to not just students, but also to families, and I like that it touches on the fact that students aren’t alone during this stressful time. Sharing the experience with your family members who might have gone through the same thing is rather comforting.

5. Sometimes turning to college counseling is helpful

If you’re overwhelmed by college admissions, maybe turning to professionals is what you need. In this episode of Access College, a local NPR college admissions show, they talk about college counseling and its benefits. Maybe college counseling isn’t something that interests you, but just hearing more information on the subject is worth a shot. You still get to learn a lot of helpful tips regarding this subject straight from the professional’s mouths. I also recommend checking out the other episodes from this podcast. Each one has an important story to tell about college admissions, and you might learn a thing or two from it.

6. Starting early and networking are two advantages to have during this process

Getting an early start with the college admission process is certainly a positive thing to do. However, don’t worry if you haven’t done that. Another good thing for you to do is to network with people in your desired field. If you’re not sure what you want to do, that’s okay, too! Just try to find something that you are good at and enjoy doing, then network with people that are professionals in that respective field. By far my favorite college admissions podcast is Higher Scores Test Prep’s podcast The College Checklist with Lauren Gaggioli. I really enjoy this because it’s frequently updated and always filled with useful tips about college admissions. She talks to some fascinating people who reveal a lot of information that you may not know about specific details within the process. The episode that I noted is where Lauren talks to her father about some things they wish they had done when she was in the middle of the admission process. They also reflect on some previous guests who shared some vital little known facts that are definitely significant!

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