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With January nearing its end, it is time to think about those resolutions you chose and aren’t really fulfilling yet. As college students I bet almost everyone chose to work on their health or to become a better student. I know whenever I make resolutions they are usually unrealistic with my life and I end up breaking them. I decided to figure out some that I could actually achieve and that would help my everyday life. The ones I thought of I believe can help anyone since we are all dealing with the pressures of college or school.

Try something new

Every year I tell myself I am going to be willing to try things that would push me out of my comfort zone and try to explore different things. I am one who believes that you could find something new that you love by trying things you typically wouldn’t. This could be food, activities, hobbies or even watching a new movie. Along the way of trying something new you might even meet people you wouldn’t necessarily have had the chance to meet. Pushing your boundaries expands your comfort zone and helps you grow as a person.

Finish in advance

Procrastination is something everyone fights during school. The biggest thing for me since I am an English major is putting off papers and projects for too long. One piece of advice I have for any student is to start working once you learn about the assignment. If you finish it before the due date you will have time to ask any questions you have instead of being stressed at midnight the night before it’s due with no help. This is something that seems simple but definitely helps. I have personal experience with not having enough time to ask for help from the professor and it caused my grade on the paper to drop. Not only will this help your grades but it will also save you from the stress of procrastination. What could be better?

Seek help academically

One thing I want to do this year is to find additional help in every class even if I feel like I am doing fine in the class. Talking to a professor after or outside of class will show them that you are putting effort into the assignments and want to do well. Bringing an assignment you want to discuss will help because you might realize something you did wrong on it. When bringing in papers it is always helpful to get another set of eyes to read it over to double check for any basic mistakes or even to make sure it fits the qualifications.

Make sure though that your professor is willing to check something over, but from my experience they always want to help you. Even if you don’t have an assignment to talk about, I suggest still talking to the professor. This will make it easier when you actually have a question or need help since you have already talked to them.

Make time to relax

This resolution is high on my list of things to do this semester. Since my college career is ending in two semesters I have a lot on my plate right now between classes and internships. I typically find myself being burnt out at the end of a long week and sleep away my free time. Balancing school well would allow more time to relax throughout the week and prevent my exhaustion. This doesn’t mean you have to take a huge hunk of time away from the time you would be doing homework or studying, but even a few minutes will help. I want to save a certain amount of time each day to be able to read a book that’s not from my classes and relax from my busy day. Relaxing lets my head become less cluttered and I am then ready to take on my next task or the next day. It is always a good idea to take a break from overloading on homework or studying!

Focus on yourself

This is a pretty common resolution but something I want to do this year. It is definitely hard to balance school, work, and a social life while making time to exercise and get enough sleep. Even though it seems impossible, with the right mind set and scheduling it can work. If you start your homework early instead of putting it off you will have more time that you can designate as time to work out or to go to bed on time. I am guilty of procrastinating homework until later in the night and have to stay up late. It makes the next day more difficult and it is hard to do homework when you are tired and only want to sleep. This is probably going to be the thing I have to work on most this year and I recommend every student tries it too.

Lose negativity

With the stress of college life and everyday things any added problems are unnecessary. I believe that if there is anything in your life with negative effects you should find a way to rid of them. This could be anything like someone making you unhappy or something causing you additional stress. You deserve to be happy and to be able to focus on your life without other things bringing you down. This new year could be the best you’ve had if you take the time to figure out ways that would make your life positive.

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