Summer is the best time to start looking for scholarships. Without the pressure of school, you probably have a lot of free time to devote to the search of free money.We can all agree that scholarships are cool. Girls are super cool as well, so what’s cooler than that? Scholarships for girls! Here are six scholarships aimed at women that can help you get a head start on your scholarship search. Good luck!

Automotive Women’s Alliance Scholarship

I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing women thriving in male-dominated areas. Even though I know nothing about cars, I admire women who do. If that’s you, and if you are interested in pursuing a career in the automotive field, this scholarship is for you.

The Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation understands women are underrepresented in the automotive field, and strives to support and motivate current and future students in the field. The scholarship rewards $2500 and is offered quarterly to students that range from high school seniors through senior undergraduates. To apply, you must be a North American female citizen. Applicants must be accepted to or enrolled in an automotive program, with a 3.0 or higher GPA. Applications are open now, and will be accepted until Friday, October 18, 2013.

Society of Women Engineers

I’ve met amazing women through the Society of Women Engineers Chapter at my school. SWE is a great support system for girls in engineering, and they have a ton of scholarships that you can apply for.

The SWE Scholarship Program awards scholarships to women pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in engineering, engineering technology or computer science. In 2012, the scholarships awarded were valued at over $575,000. You can complete the online application and you will be considered for all the scholarships you are eligible for. The application for sophomores through graduate students is typically available December 1st through February 15th. For freshmen, applications are typically open from March 1st through May 15th.

Glamour’s Top 10 College Women Competition

Coverage in Glamour magazine? PLUS a trip to NYC, and most importantly FREE MONEY? Where do I sign up?! Here. Really, what else can you even ask for?

For the 57th time, Glamour is awarding 10 college students scholarships, a trip to NYC, and coverage in the magazine. To apply, you must be a full-time junior in a four-year college during Fall 2013. Contest is open to all legal residents of the United States and District of Columbia and Canada (void in Quebec) who are at least 18 years old. One grand prize winner will receive $20,000,  and nine other winners will receive $3,000. The deadline for applications is September 15, 2013.

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

So many misconceptions out there about living in a developing country! Personally, I’ve been asked everything from “Can you ride a bike?” to “Do you have burgers there?” (Yes and yes). More than 80% of the world lives in a developing country, so there’s not a rule for how things “really are”. However, I do think there’s a constant for everyone, and that’s pride. Pride in who you are and where you come from, and that’s why I loved reading about this scholarship.

The MMFT provides grants to women from developing countries. These grants are intended to help women further their education and strengthen their leadership skills. Currently, grants are geared toward students of institutions in the US and Canada as well as the Universities of Cape Town, Pretoria, Stellenbosch and Witwatersrand. The grants are approximately $12,000 each. The 2014-2015 academic year application for US and Canada will open in September 2013.

Women in Marketing Scholarship

For all you girls in marketing or advertising, this scholarship is for you!

Blue Soda Promo is offering a $1000 scholarship for a woman in both Illinois and Wisconsin to help them pursue their degree on Marketing or Advertising. To apply, you must have at least 60 credits and a 3.0 or higher GPA. You will also have to submit a one-page paper answering the questions “How does being a young woman set you apart in the marketing/advertising field?” and “What, if any, obstacles do you feel you may have to overcome being a woman in the marketing/advertising field?” The deadline for application is October 31.

Girls Impact the World Film Festival Scholarship

So cool! If you are interested in the film world and raising awareness to girls’ issues around the world, this is an amazing opportunity to combine the two. Girls Impact the World Film Festival is accepting 3-5 minute short films for consideration for the Girls Impact the World Film Festival presented by the Harvard College Social Innovation Collaborative (SIC) and Films will be accepted starting August 1, 2013 until December 31, 2013. Videos must either raise awareness to current issues affecting women around the world, or propose solutions to challenges faced by women. Full-time high school students and currently enrolled undergraduates (globally!) are welcome to apply. Winners will receive a monetary prize, film distribution via SIC, Connecther, and Creative Visions Networks, and an internship opportunity at Creative Visions in Los Angeles. For full guidelines, click here. 

So there you have it, six scholarships for women you can apply for! Best of luck!







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Clarissa Gallardo is a sophomore at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Originally from Panama City, Panama (only place in the world where you can see the sun rise in the Pacific and set on the Atlantic!), she is majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics and Ballet. A member of the Honors Program and dancer at heart, you can find her studying at the library, scrolling through her Tumblr feed , dancing, or reading. Clarissa has a really bad case of wanderlust and is obsessed with white chocolate mochas, The Big Bang Theory, and Doctor Reid from Criminal Minds. You can follow her on Twitter and on Tumblr.

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