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You know college is expensive. You probably also know that there are tons of scholarships available to help you pay for it, and that many of them are super specific (and sometimes have kind of zany requirements) or get tons of applicants going to tons of different schools across the country. Well, many schools also offer application based full-ride scholarships to students who get into their schools. These types of scholarships take a bit more digging to find out about, but they can really pay-off. Read-on for a quick guide to just a couple of the ones out there.

Washington and Lee University

The Johnson Scholarship

Those who win this prestigious scholarship are guaranteed full room and board and tuition. If they are judged to have additional financial need, the scholarship will be extended to cover such expenses as books, travel, etc.

Requirements: Common Application, the Washington and Lee supplemental questions (especially the ones designated for the scholarship), official transcript, score reports (ACT or SAT), two teacher recommendations, one guidance counselor recommendation, and the secondary school form.

If selected as a finalist, students will be flown out for a weekend visit and on-campus interview which will factor into the final selection of winners.

To keep this scholarship, a GPA of 3.3 must be maintained.

Recommended: two SAT subject tests in unrelated areas and an admissions interview.

Due by December 1st.

Fun Fact: Winners of the Johnson Scholarship also receive a total of $7,000 for the summer to pursue opportunities.

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 


Recipients of this scholarship get the full cost of attendance at UNC-Chapel Hill covered for four years. They also receive supplementary funds for summer experiences, the Summer Enrichment Program consisting of four years of “diverse, customized experiences,” and access to scholarship alumni connections.

Requirements: Applicants from North Carolina can be nominated by a school or self-nominate. Applicants from Great Britain or Canada can self-nominate or be nominated by an eligible school. Applicants from other states or countries can be nominated by an eligible school or an affiliated program.

Once nominated, applicants must fill out an application. From here, approximately 20% become semi-finalists and will be interviewed over the phone or in-person.

Then, 126 students are selected as finalists and invited to the UNC campus for Final Selection Weekend and do two panel group interviews.

Finally, approximately half of finalist will be offered the scholarship.

The application is due on October 1 for domestic and international students and October 14 for British and Canadian applicants.

Fun Fact: Recipients can also apply for Discovery Fund grants of up to $8,000 to supplement their college careers.

Howard University 

Presidential, Laureate, Founders, and, Capstone

Howard University offers a number of full ride scholarships. The difference between them is the amount offered in book waivers. Additionally, the Presidential scholarship gives a laptop to recipients. All of these scholarships cover tuition, fees, and room and board. They are automatic scholarships, meaning that all successful applicants to the university who meet the additional requirements will get the scholarships. However, they are available only on a first-come, first-serve basis, until funds run out, meaning that not all who are eligible will receive the scholarships.


Only the Critical Reading and Math sections of the SAT are considered.

Presidential- SAT of at least 1500 or ACT of at least 34. GPA of a least 3.75. Once enrolled, a 3.5 GPA must be maintained. Includes a $950 book voucher and laptop.

Laureate- National Achievement Finalist Scholars who designate Howard as their first choice. Must maintain a 3.3 GPA. Includes a $950 book voucher.

Founders- SAT between 1400 and 1499 or ACT between 32 and 33. GPA of at least 3.5. Must maintain a 3.3 GPA. Includes a $500 book voucher.

Capstone- SAT between 1300 and 1390 or ACT between 29 and 31 and a GPA of at least 3.25. Must maintain a 3.3 GPA.

Fun Fact: Howard University is a Historically Black University located in Washington D.C.

Appalachian State University

Wilson Scholars Program and Chancellor’s Scholarship

Both of Appalachian State’s scholarships cover full room and board, tuition, book rentals, and fees. They also offer money for study abroad, a fall trip in freshman year, and priority class registration. Each program also has other perks specific to each program.


Apply for admission to the university by November 15th. Eligible students will be invited to apply for scholarships via email and must be completed (including letters of recommendation) by December 1. In February, finalists will be invited to interview.

Wilson Scholars Program– There are no set requirements for this scholarship, but selected applicants are leaders on campus and in their communities, are in the top of their class, took and succeeded in the toughest curriculum offered at their high school, and is “eager and prepared to make a significant impact on the Appalachian community.” Scholars also get $2,500 a year to supplement their college experience, support for research, personalized academic mentoring, special housing, and access to special lectures, concerts, and seminars.

Chancellor’s Scholarship–  There are also no set requirements for this scholarship. Selected applicants generally have a strong academic background, took leadership positions, participated in service and creative activities, and have competitive ACT or SAT scores (the average last year was 1453 for SAT Critical Reading and Math). Additional perks include full financial support to study abroad at any of 200 partner institutions, support for research, “opportunities for service-learning courses and programs locally and throughout the world,” access to services that enhance graduate school opportunities. help with tuition for summer courses at App State and elsewhere, being in a special honors college just for Chancellor’s scholars, personalized academic mentoring, special housing, and access to special lectures, concerts, and seminars.

Fun Fact: Chancellor’s Scholars take their Fall Trip to Dublin, Ireland.


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