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In college, there are quite a few misconceptions about dropping classes. The way I see it is, you’re paying for your education, so why keep a class if you’re unhappy with it? At some point with pretty much every college class I’ve taken so far, I’ve thought to myself that maybe I can’t handle this class and that I should drop it. I know that many other college students get that urge to drop as well. However, most of that time, it’s just a thought and you slowly get over it. There are some clear signs that this isn’t just a fleeting feeling, you should actually drop the class completely. I hope that this list helps you if you’re wrestling with whether or not you should drop a class this semester.

1. You constantly have to force yourself to attend class.

Like the urge to drop classes, this is something that we all struggle with sometimes (okay pretty much all the time for me) but once you actually suck it up and attend class, it isn’t all that bad. When I used to go to my class that I ended up dropping, I still had to fight the urge not to walk out the door even when I was in the middle of the class. With other classes, I can normally just get over it and focus on what’s going on in class, but I couldn’t in this situation.

2. You have yet to buy your books for the class.

This may seem like an odd sign considering that a lot of students are probably better than I am and actually buy all of their books before the semester starts. I always hold off because sometimes you end up not having to use the books very often so there’s no need to spend a lot of money on them until you know what each professor requires. For the class I dropped, I couldn’t afford the textbook at the time because you had to buy the online textbook and it was ridiculously expensive to me. So if the class you’re weary about requires too much of you and you’re holding off buying the textbook, considering dropping.

3. You have enough hours.

Obviously, you can’t drop it if you have 12 hours because dropping would put you under the requirement for a full time student. But if you have more than that, it’s definitely something to consider.

4. Adding a different class would be more beneficial to you.

If you already have a full load, yet discover a class that you need and you are confident that you’ll enjoy, go for it! There is a lot that goes into this decision, but this is a serious sign that dropping is the best move that you can make.

5. The class isn’t required or not needed currently.

If it’s just an additional class that you took on because it sounded interesting but turned out not to be your thing, think about dropping. If it doesn’t go towards your major, it’s not hurting anything. Even if it does count towards your major, you can still put off taking it until next semester. Before you do this though, be sure to talk to your advisor or someone in the office for your major, they’ll tell you whether or not the class should be completed right away or not.

6. You’ve got enough on your plate as it is.

This one kind of goes hand in hand with what I said about adding different classes, except you’re not adding anything. This is if you just feel seriously overwhelmed by the classes that you already have. Sometimes the classes that you’re taking might just seem too difficult at the time, especially when you’re taking two other classes that require a great deal of time and effort as well. To say the least, all this can be more than just a little bit exhausting, so it’s okay if you want to take a step back and drop one of these classes.

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