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During this time of year, college acceptances are coming like crazy, and unfortunately, college rejections are coming too. It can be really difficult to get excited when the people around you are getting into great colleges, but you aren’t getting into the schools you want to. You may be upset by the college you end up having to attend, but you don’t have to be. There are many awesome things about college that you can take advantage of no matter where you go!

1. Awesome organizations.

No matter what college you decide to attend there will always be awesome organizations. College is full of new clubs and organizations to fill your time and spend energy with. The best thing about college organizations is they get stuff done! If you join your school’s student government, you will be making real changes on your campus; if you join Greek Life you will be making an impact on your community and even the nation; and if you join a sports team, you will be helping rally support and spirit for your university. You will become an integral part of the community for your school if you get involved.

2. Great people.

You will meet so many amazing people at your college! There are awesome students, fantastic professors, and incredible staff members. If you make it a point to meet a new individual each day, you will never be bored. Hear their stories and get to know them. They all have so many things to tell you and teach you–if you let them. Get to know the people around you and I guarantee you will find a lot of great people to be around. One thing you shouldn’t do is let high school cliques define your college friendships. Get out there and meet people, because people in college don’t care about your high school letterman jacket. They want to get to know the you of now, not the you of the past!

If you don’t like your classmates, go to other people on campus. Get to know all of your professors, get to know the lady in the cafeteria who makes sandwiches, get to know the staff and faculty that help run your institution. They can be invaluable resources for you later in life so you should definitely start befriending them!

3. Amazing opportunities.

There will be opportunities everywhere you look, you just have to look for them first. In some schools it may be a little harder to find them, but seek and you shall find. Get to know all the awesome people at your college and you never know what will end up in your lap. Just take it all in, prospsies; there are a million things to get into. It’s college, have fun!

Here are some tips for your upcoming college life:

1. Don’t be that person. Yes, you may have applied to 20 other schools, but you are here now. Make the most of it–if you are not happy, transfer later, but be present for the situation you are in now. There are some people who actually dream of getting into the school you are in, or any school period. Be grateful of the chance to learn about yourself and those around you.

2. Change your campus. Is your college campus not up to par with what you would like? Instead of complaining about your situation–get active! Start a new organization or get involved in student government so that you can make great changes in the university. Don’t be a passive participant in your own life.

3. Get out of your room. If you want to make connections, meet new people, and have an awesome experience, stop judging and get out there. Don’t think that because a university wasn’t your first or tenth choice that it’s not a good university. You spent your time applying, so you must find some value in the college–even if it was just monetary value. You’d be surprised what you find in a college if you look hard enough.

Don’t forever judge the university you attend if it wasn’t your top choice. Get out there and make a difference. Make the college a worthwhile place for you and other students like you. Don’t mope around. Spend every waking second you have progressing, not regressing.

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Amanda Cross is a Junior at the University of Central Arkansas where she studies Sociology with a minor in Public Relations. Amanda is the Housing Chair for the Alpha Omicron chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma and a UCA Ambassador on her campus. When Amanda is not at school you can usually find her blogging, reading, hanging out with friends/family, or sleeping. Amanda writes her own blog titled College is Love, and she also writes for UChic and The Smart Girls Group Loop.

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