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It feels like just yesterday, school was over and students everywhere were celebrating their impending freedom. But alas, as Phineas and Ferb remind us, “There’s a 104 days of summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it.”

As the summer winds down, a noticeable change sweeps across high schoolers everywhere. The prospect of beginning a new school year, a fresh start, and another grade brings forth excitement and anticipation. We all make grand promises to ourselves a few weeks before school starts; to get up early each morning, finish all assignments 5 days in advance, eat an orange everyday, the list goes on.

Each year we vow to be different, but September, just like January’s resolutions don’t really seem to work. Luckily, there are some ways to make the difficult transition into academia easier.

1. Buy School Supplies

Purchasing your supplies in mid August is a good way to get yourself back into the school mentality. It’s a good way to get organized, get first pick of products, and make the most of back-to-school sales. I don’t know if it’s just me, but buying new stationary and organization supplies makes me 500x more pumped and excited for school. Here’s a comprehensive list of some BTS supplies.

2. Set Your Alarms

In the summer, we tend to fall out of the rigid schedule that revolves around our school times. At least 2 weeks before your first day back, start easing your body back to your school cycle. By doing this gradually, as in waking up 30 minutes earlier every 3 days until your desired school wake up time as opposed to forcing your body up 3 hours before its usual time, you’re more likely to stick to the routine and not oversleep in September.

3. Think About Your Image

This one requires some inner reflection. Take the time to reflect (grab a pen and physically write!) on your personality and social relationships from the previous year. How have you matured? Comparing to last year, have you become more outgoing and confident? Are there any negative people in your life? Doing this exercise helps you evaluate your mental growth, figure out the causes of unneeded influences, and focus on the next steps you want to take to create the best version of you.

4. Make a Study Plan of Action

One of the most common new school year’s resolutions students make is to get better grades. But this statement is so open ended and vague, it’s difficult to adhere to when school starts. A good way to create a tangible version of this goal is to make a list of your courses, write the desired grade you want to end with (be realistic!) and write 3 things you need to do everyday in order to achieve those marks. Tack that paper up in your room or on your fridge to remind yourself daily.

In order to keep your momentum going when school starts, try connecting with other hard workers and join a community of dedicated students. Find a study buddy, or, join the Tumblr studyblr community (shameless plug, this is my studyblr) and interact with others who aim to maintain good grades, balance life and school, and survive the college admissions process.

5. Research Potential Clubs, Contests, and Events

Figuring out which extracurriculars you want to participate in early on will save you time during school researching and networking. If you’re a rising freshman, now is a good time to look up the clubs offered at your new school, or, if  you’re starting a club of your own, August is the perfect time to lay the foundation.

6. Understand Your Priorities

Now is the perfect time to figure out what you want from high school. It’s not news that high school can be an anxiety ridden, toxic, competitive environment that just sucks. However, it’s important to remember that perception and attitude is everything. Yes, high school can be overwhelming, but it’s up to you to take all your experiences, good and bad, and turn them into a learning and growing moment.

As September fast approaches, it’s easy to get thrown off track and be overwhelmed by the drastic changes that are associated with the beginning of the school year. Beware the ides of August; take heed and prepare, and may the next school be a period of growth and accomplishment.

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