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Online classes definitely don’t work for everyone, but there are huge advantages that may make online classes the best option for some students. I took many during high school and got a feel for the way they work before heading off to college. I have taken a mix of on campus and online classes throughout my 3 years of college, and I personally think taking online classes could benefit many students. There are the obvious advantages, like not going to campus, but there are also some things that you might not have thought about with online classes. Personally, I believe that online classes have advantages for every type of students no matter what type of learning style they have.

1. Flexibility

This one might be one of the more obvious advantages, but flexibility is a necessity in my life. I’ve worked every year during college (sometimes up to 40 hours a week) and need the option of not having a strict schedule every day. That might not be the best option for everyone, but if you need an easier schedule with some wiggle room, online classes can help with that. Online classes are typically open everyday for the whole day so you can choose the best time to work on your classwork. I haven’t taken just online classes, but have had a mix of on campus and online classes. For me, not having too many classes that I have to commute to campus to made it easier to work on my classwork. The flexibility helped with finishing coursework around my work schedule, other classes, and everyday things.

2. Convenience

This one ties in closely with flexibility, but is still an advantage. As a student I know it is difficult to always have energy when you need to go to class. Online courses help with this because you can work on coursework when you choose to. If you had a late night doing a ton of homework, you can have the option to sleep in instead of waking up for those tough 8 A.M. classes. Everything for the course if available online so you don’t have to leave your dorm or apartment to do the work. You get to do homework or study whenever you have the most energy–which for me is late at night–and don’t have to worry about balancing your life schedule with classes. Even if you don’t take just online classes, mixing on campus and online definitely helps with balancing schedules. I always have breaks between my classes and instead of leaving campus which results in me procrastinating, I found these breaks to be the best times for me to work on my online courses. I would find a comfortable work area that didn’t have a lot of people and got ahead on the work.

3. Comfortable Work Environment

If anyone is like me, I need the right place to be productive. I personally do the best when working alone and not in a crowded lab or library. It’s just my personal preference, but online classes is an option for anyone who has anxiety. Also, it’s definitely a perk that you can do your classes while wearing your pajamas! There’s always the option to get out of the house if you don’t work well in your own room or wherever you live. The perk of online classes is that you get to choose your own work environment that is comfortable to you and causes you to be the most productive. This makes it accommodate any type of learning style.

4. Different Due Dates

If you are taking a mix of online and on campus classes you will have different due dates for  every assignment. I deal with all of my classes having things due the same day and usually have a huge work load pile up. With online classes, typically the due dates are for everything are set to the end of the week  so you have the whole week to work on things. This doesn’t mean to put some work ahead of others, but it does make less of a work load. I work better when everything isn’t due the same days and have a set schedule of when I know I have to work on something. That’s one of the advantages of online classes. You can do the things that are due earlier (instead of every single thing being due the same day) and plan the time to work on the online coursework.

5. Testing

Most schools have students with online classes go to the campus for proctored tests and exams. It depends on the college, but I have had both proctored tests and also tests alone at home online. I have test anxiety and do not do well when I am taking a test in a room full of other students. When taking the tests or exams online I have found it easier to be in a quieter environment which online classes help with. Even if the tests are proctored, it is an easier environment for me because you’re usually the only student. It totally depends on your testing style, but it is always an option with students who don’t test well.

6. Learning Technology

This might seem like another obvious one but I have actually learned more programs when taking online classes. In high school, I had forensic classes that required many different programs to complete the homework. It might seem overwhelming at first but it is worth it in the end. I know how to do more things online and know more programs that will help with other classes. Some classes even have you use video messaging with the professor to get the face to face interaction when having meetings. I promise you’ll learn something knew even though I know our generation knows a lot about technology and using the internet.

7. Summer courses

Summer courses are a great way to gain more credits and explore classes that always aren’t offered throughout the school year. Online classes are an option if you go back home during the summer break. You get all of the advantages of online classes while it’s summer. I know it doesn’t sound fun to take courses during the summer, but online classes are a way to get some classes  out of the way for the incoming year. Before you start your summer, take a look at the different online classes offered at your school!

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