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On-campus jobs are great because they are flexible, they’re resume builders, you gain a lot of experience, and they might even help you figure out what you really enjoy doing while making a little extra money. Not only will you gain valuable skills at your job, but you will also learn time management and make connections around campus. Once you’re settled in with your college routine, there are tons of reasons to look for an on-campus job, especially if it’s part of your work-study package. Here I have listed some common on-campus jobs and their benefits.

1. Tutoring

I’m probably biased because I recently started working as a tutor, but I really love it. I have always really liked math and science, but I felt like I wasn’t good at explaining concepts to others. This job totally proved me wrong, which proves that an on-campus job can help you figure out what you might want to do later on. Plus, the hours are super flexible. The only downside is that you may not be working a lot during the early weeks of the semester, but you will be totally booked for midterms and finals.

2. Desk worker

Working at an information desk in a dorm, library, or any other spot around campus is another great on-campus job. You’ll have a lot of time to work on homework or prepare for tests while checking students in or answering questions. You’ll probably meet a lot of people while working and you’ll know about all the events going on around campus.

3. Community or Resident Assistant

This job is a huge responsibility but it comes with many benefits as well. Besides the fact that most schools cover part, if not all, of the CA’s room and board fees, this job and the skills you’ll pick up will impress future employers. Many CA’s get monthly stipends and private rooms or apartments, as well. Helping residents and being in charge of others is not only rewarding, but you‘ll gain valuable leadership and communication skills.

4. Research assistant

If you are interested in applying to graduate school after college, or you just want to get more lab experience, being a research assistant might be the best job for you. You’ll gain valuable skills and knowledge in your field you may not learn in a classroom while working alongside a faculty member. It’s definitely something that looks great in your resume, especially if research is something you want to pursue later on.

5. Tour guide

If you absolutely love your school, what better way to prove it than becoming a tour guide? You’ll get the chance to share and engage with prospective students what you love about your school and maybe even influence their college decisions. Plus, your public speaking skills will be top notch, and that’s always a great skill to have. As a tour guide, you’ll meet faculty and make connections all over campus while learning so much more about your school.

6. Gym staff

Working as a fitness instructor or as a desk worker at the on-campus gym looks like it’s really fun, and you’ll always be motivated to work out.  My school offers many fitness classes that are taught by students that have been trained for this purpose. If you are majoring in kinesiology or exercise science, or you are just a fitness enthusiast, this is a great job for you.

7. Library or computer lab

If there’s one building all students of your school use, it’s the library. You can work at one of the library’s information desks or as an IT assistant in the computer lab. Plus, a library is always quiet and peaceful, so it’s a great place to get some work done. Your school’s library counts with endless resources. Working at the library will guarantee access to all those resources and tons of other connections.

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