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Image from Pexels.

All right guys, let’s get down to business. I hear a lot of you have been dissing your safeties. And I will not stand for that crap. Because your safety school is awesome, and it deserves a LOT of love.

Now, why are safeties awesome?

They Will Always Love You

So it’s kind of nice to be loved, isn’t it? While you’re chasing your dreams, this little school is hoping you’ll bring your academic supremacy and drive to their humble campus. This is a school you don’t have to worry about (assuming you show proper interest), and that’s great.

Scholarship Money ROLLS In

This goes with the last point; a proper safety school is one you can afford without any problems. Often this is because you know you qualify for a killer scholarship at the school. This is a great thing to research, as many schools will publish this information.

Honestly, the ability to graduate debt free is one of the biggest advantages you can give yourself heading into post-grad life. So take a real hard look at your safety school and the opportunities they offer.

They Have All the Same Things You Want

Speaking of opportunities, remember that a safety is a school you’re actually willing to attend! So it should have all of the things you’re looking for in a school. If you want to be finance major, don’t apply to a school without a business school just because it’s cheap and you’re overqualified. Be smart and do your research. There are schools beyond your state schools that can be highly generous and have everything you’re looking for.

They’re Someone Else’s Reach

This is one you really need to remember. Every safety school is a reach for someone else. So don’t take that for granted. By attending that school you have the spot of someone who got rejected.

So How Do I Spread the Love?

The number one way to spread the love is to tour and interview. Treat this application just like you would any of your match schools. Spend time on the supplements; take time to express interest. No school wants to be your safety school, so don’t let them know. Don’t friendzone this school. Don’t do it. Make them think you want them just as much as they want you. A safety school is not to be taken lightly. If you don’t look interested, they may give you an “overqualified” stamp and throw you on the wait list.

What Was My Safety?

My safety school was this tiny private school in Pennsylvania with one of the highest freshman retention rates I’ve ever seen. I really liked it and I would have been happy to attend, even though it definitely wasn’t one of my top choices (granted my list had a grand total of 7 schools).

Why I’m Glad I Spread the Love

Last year a bunch of people from my high school who I knew ended up going to their safety schools, and they all seem to be ecstatically happy (at least as far as I can tell from stalking their Facebook profiles).

Now imagine if I had walked around screaming, “UGH! That’s the LAST place I want to go. That college SUCKS.” I would’ve driven them away from a school that was perfect for them, or even worse, may have made them feel bad for their choice to attend.

All colleges deserve your respect and admiration… Even ones you’re technically overqualified for.

There are going to be plenty of smart, highly motivated, extraordinary people at every single school. So don’t diss safeties and don’t walk around with a superiority complex. There is always someone smarter, more hardworking, and better qualified than you… Even at your safety.

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