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There is an incredible amount of different high school and college extracurricular activities students can join nowadays. Some are nationally recognized organizations while others may be your simple but productive run-of-the-mill volunteer clubs. Whatever the case may be, HOSA is one special club that you may find a particular interest in. HOSA: Future Health Professionals is a national organization dedicated to serving students nationwide.

The healthcare field is a growing one and with the help of HOSA, it will continue to be nourished and developed across the United States. Interested in nursing? Becoming an emergency medical technician? Aspects of physical therapy? The wide world of epidemiology? A future as a physician? HOSA: Future Health Professionals will be an excellent source to home in on your interests and eventually mold and shape it to your likings.

Perhaps you may not find or associate the health care field as what you want to pursue for your professional lives. Fear no more! The list of reasons to join this amazing organization goes on and on! The part about all of this is that each and every one of these reasons works on building your character, experiences, and skills no matter what profession or major you want to pursue. Keep an open mind as we go into seven reasons why you should join HOSA.

1. Networking

Networking is a valuable tool that can help you build a strong base of different people you know and support groups across the United States. It doesn’t matter if you’re networking at the local, state, or national level. People you meet through HOSA events can help you find internships, write recommendations, or simply just give you a tip or two on life. Anything helps.

2. Competitions

Competitions hosted by this organization include a variety of different topics and themes. There are so many that there is at least one guaranteed to suit your personal preferences. The type of events include: Health Science Events, Health Professions Events, Emergency Preparedness Events, Leadership Events, Team Events, and Recognition Events. Within each category are a multitude of different competitions. Check it out here!

3. Conferences activities

These are found at the local, state, and national levels. These annual conferences are where the competitions are held. If a student places in the top three of his or her event at area, they get to advance to state. If they place in the top three amongst the best in the state, they advance to nationals where they compete with people from across the United States. These conferences also hold an array of different character building activities for the students.

4. Sightseeing

This is a real possibility when joining HOSA. Sure, the club allows you to flourish academically and in extracurriculars, but there is also plenty of room for fun as well! A lot of the times these trips to the annual conferences can build numerous memories from traveling with your friends to exploring new cities across the United States. For example, there have been multiple national HOSA conferences hosted at both Disney World and Disneyland!

5. Involvement opportunities

Becoming involved in your community and other organizations is a real possibility through HOSA. This organization promotes volunteering through recognition events such as the Barbara James Service Award. If a student within a local chapter amasses enough hours, they receive recognition at both the state and national levels. Interested in the competitive side of HOSA? Community awareness is another way to get involved. Other opportunities include an internship with the Office of the Surgeon General. Check it out here!

6. Scholarships

Scholarships are something we all need as students. Every penny helps and eventually adds up. Through HOSA, there are numerous times where you can apply for free money! They award students at the area, state, and national conferences. The application is easy and totally worth it. Check out your local state’s HOSA website for more information on these monetary awards.

7. Leadership positions

These positions are an important part of this club. This association is truly student led from the bottom to the top. School chapter level positions are the base of this entire organization. From there, students can also run for area, state, and national office. A plethora of opportunities become available to you as you continue to serve students across America. If you don’t have a local chapter, check out how to join!

HOSA: Future Health Professionals is an amazing organization. I speak from both the heart and first hand experience when I say that this incredibly culture of students have shaped me and countless others. You don’t have to be interested in the health profession to make hundreds of memories from this organization. Not convinced? Check out this HOSA promotional video for the 2012-2013 national conference. Strap on your seatbelt. Its going to be an amazing ride!

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