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Image from Pexels.

Snacks are awesome. They fill you up and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. However, some would say that they are filled with guilt instead of fuzz after having a snack. It may be because they are afraid of gaining weight or think that snacking is really bad for your health. Great news, Prospies – there’s no need to feel guilty. When you’re hungry, it doesn’t hurt to munch on something. But don’t reach for the bags of Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies you bought from Target just yet.  Just because it’s okay to snack, it doesn’t mean you should be eating junk food. It also doesn’t mean you should be grabbing a peanut from that giant bag of peanuts you have by your side 24/7. You have to snack smart and healthy. It may seem too hard and too much work, but fear not! Right now, right here, I’ll teach you how to snack like a pro.

Are You Really Hungry?

I’m the type of person who wants to eat when there is nothing to do, which isn’t a good thing because I’m not usually hungry – I just eat to pass time. This is just about the worst thing you can ever do. Most of the time, the foods that we choose to munch on are really unhealthy, but it also isn’t good to eat “healthy” foods when you’re really just bored – your body doesn’t need it!  All you’re doing is consuming calories you don’t need. So what can you do?

Before you find yourself standing in front of the fridge, ask yourself, “Am I REALLY hungry?” If you find yourself just wandering around the kitchen just looking at stuff, then it’s more likely that you’re just bored. Just get yourself out of that place and find something to do. Go watch a movie, do some homework, or go outside for a walk. There is always something else better to do than eating away your boredom.

This also applies to pretty much anything else, such as eating your feelings. I know you may be trying to get over a terrible day, but binge eating is not the way to go. It’s terrible for your health and it won’t make you any happier later on. You will probably just feel worse afterwards. Try focusing on things that make you happy. Take a break. Hang out with your friends or let yourself be alone if you need space. But whatever you choose to do, just avoid the kitchen and/or awesome bakeries.

Well, how about if you are really, actually starving and is in need of some good food? Well, let’s continue.

Making Good Snacking Choices: Awesome Alternatives

There are plenty of healthy snacks that you can have when you are hungry for a snack (Click on hyperlinks for recipes). Why not try these snacks to spice up your life a little bit!

PB&J? More like PB&A!: Actually, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches can be healthy. Just change the white bread to wheat bread, and make sure the peanut butter and jelly are not filled with processed sugars. How do you do that? Make your own jam and peanut butter! But, besides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, another alternative is peanut butter and apples. It is just as good a combination as PB&J. If you find yourself needing to add more fruits in your diet, why not try this?

Purple Food aka Acai Bowl: Yes, the Acai bowl. Never heard of it? It seems to be one of the craze right now! Acai bowls consists of blended Acai mixed with all kinds of nuts, oats, and fruits. It’s extremely delicious, and it’s great for your body. (Acai bowls also make awesome instagram photos.) You should definitely try it out! Here is a recipe, but you probably wouldn’t need one anyway because it is really easy to make and can be mixed with anything you want.

The Other Kind of Ice Cream Sandwich: What could possibly be another type of ice cream sandwich? Isn’t it just ice cream and cookies? Well, not this snack. Instead of cookies, replace it with oats. Take ice cream out of it too, and add bananas. Well, that doesn’t seem like it will look like an ice cream sandwich. Don’t worry, it still is! With this recipe created by blogilates, you are going to be making a banana oat sandwich that taste just as awesome. It is a must try snack. I mean, it doesn’t even require much. Only bananas and oats. Try this recipe and see how it turns out!

Pop Them Corn: Well, popcorn cannot get any easier to make. It is actually a really healthy snack that isn’t just reserved for the movies. Of course, it won’t be healthy if you decide to dump it in cheese, butter, and chocolate. Choose the regular kind without the extra butter or the extra salt. Then later on, you can add some sea salt to add some more flavor.

The Good Kind of Ants On A Log: Doesn’t this bring back memories? Well, there is no need to stop having this as a snack just because you are a teenager! This is actually a great snack to have. For those of you who has never heard of ants on a log, no need to worry. It is just celery with peanut butter and raisins. Of course, you can change the dip a little and add some cream cheese instead of peanut butter. Either way, it makes a delicious snack. Here is a quick and easy recipe with different alternatives you can try with ants on a log.

Cutest Pizza On Earth: If you are craving for some pizza, have some of this. It is basically cheese and pizza sauce added on triscuit crackers. Isn’t that adorable? It is quick to make and something different. Also, who are we kidding? Pizza in any shape or form is super scrumptious. Don’t wait any longer and try the cutest pizza on earth!

 Peeta and Humnis: Okay, the puns are starting to get really bad. What I meant to say is pita bread and hummus. It is another simple yummy snack. All you need is literally pita bread and some hummus.What is hummus? Hummus is a type of dip that is created by smashed chickpeas along with other awesome stuff. You can get it in the stores or make it yourself. If you would like to make your own hummus, try this recipe.

This is all I have for now. Remember, it is okay to snack. Just take care of your body, and try healthier alternatives. If you want to have chips once in a while, it is alright. You have to treat yourself sometimes, right? It is just not the best if your meaning of “sometimes” is every other day. I hope you all enjoyed these healthy snacks and learned to snack like a pro.

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