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Second semester is here and that means it’s your chance to start fresh. Arriving back at school can be exciting. It’s a time to see all your friends once again. It can also be the time to switch up your routine and be a better student. Whether you’re a freshman or a junior, a new semester could mean a new you. By changing just a few things in you daily life you can become a better student in no time! So where do you start?

1. Set Goals

The most important thing to start with is setting some goals. This is going to be your outline of what you want to accomplish this semester. It will help you create a path to success and stick to it. When creating your goals create a few big ones or long-term goals that you want to complete. Then create some short-term goals that will help you reach your big goals.

2.Create a schedule

Creating a schedule can be a great start to a new you. Making schedule is going to help you get organized. Start by adding the things that aren’t moveable such as classes, club meetings, and work. After you do that it’s time to schedule when you will do homework, projects, and study. Now you don’t have to plan every little detail of your life, but by allotting time to do the important things you need to do will help you be able to get all the things you need to do done.

3. Cut Down on the Partying

Partying does some pretty harsh things to your body. When drinking you body gets dehydrated and you’re left feeling pretty awful the next morning. Now who’s going to want to do work with a hangover? Not to say you shouldn’t party and have fun just do it responsibly. Like maybe going out the night before a huge psych exam isn’t the best idea. My advice is keep the partying to the weekend.

4. Get More Sleep

Getting more sleep at night can completely change your day. By waking up well rested and ready to go you are going to feel more optimistic about the day. Not only that, but you are going to have way more energy. Sometimes it can be hard to get enough sleep with all the work you have. Try getting you work done when you have free time during the day. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done in that hour break between classes. Don’t be afraid to take a short nap during the day. A twenty-minute nap can boost you energy a ton and make the rest of the day a bit easier to get through.

5. Eat Better

Eating a ton of junk food is not helping you at all. While you may believe it is comforting when you’re under a ton of stress because you have three different essays to write, it’s just going to make you sluggish. Try adding some healthy snacks to your diet. These snacks are going to make you feel better and more energetic.

6. Work Out

Not only will eating healthier make you feel better, but so will working out. It might seem a bit odd, but working out gets you motivated. So try going to the gym then starting your homework. The work out will help you stay focused and motivated.Exercise with help mentally and physically.

7. Study More

It’s understandable not to want to spend more time than necessary studying. Studying is going to relieve a lot of stress though. By studying your going to become more confident in your knowledge of the subject. This way you’re not going to stress about that upcoming test as much. Try reviewing you note before bed each night.

Let this be the semester that you do the best and if that mean asking for help so be it. There’s no shame in getting a tutor or asking for some extra help. Looking at first semester freshman I’ve seen that they are a bit wary about asking for a tutor. Some even feel embarrassed. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about asking for a tutor. Wanting to do the best in school is your choice; so don’t worry about what other people think. This semester is going to be the one were you work for you.

A new semester is a great way to start over. Following these tips will help you create a better semester. It is important to note that you don’t have to wait until a new semester to start over. If you want to set new goal a few weeks in go ahead. Don’t let time hold you back from doing what you want to do.

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