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You’ve gotten through the four year grind of high school, of taking buses from that bus stop down the street from your house to your high school, of dealing with class from 9-4 (depending on your school system) with a short lunch break, of high school homecomings and dances. You’ve gotten your diploma, donned that cap and gown and walked across the stage. You’re looking forward to the next four years of your life where you’ll be staying in a dormitory or apartment, alone, by a campus of people you don’t even know yet.

The only thing between you and the next phase of your life are eight to twelve weeks of summer with all the comforts of home surrounding you. You might not appreciate them now, but in a few months when you’re in a dorm without your mom beside you, you definitely will. I’ll list them out for you now so you can appreciate them through the summer and cherish your moments at home.

1. Bare Feet. Dormitories are generally pretty disgusting as are the communal bathrooms within them. Even though it’s your home, it’s still pretty much a public place so you’ll need to don those shoes whenever you walk around and go to the bathroom (the all-important shower shoes). Personally, I hate wearing shoes. Absolutely hate them. So often, it was hard for me to not walk around with bare feet in college, like I did at home. I missed the comfort of not having to wear shoes when I didn’t want to, especially in the shower.

2. Toilet Paper. Dorm room toilet paper is as bad as the typical public restroom at the mall. Now, instead of just controlling yourself at the mall and waiting until you get home, the only restrooms you really use in college are public, from your dormitory to your lecture halls. Thus, you will have to suffer through the discontent we all feel using in single-ply toilet paper; enjoy the poly ply toilet paper while it lasts.

3. Real Food. I don’t care how good the food at your college is, there is nothing like a home-cooked meal from your own home at the end of the day (or the middle, or whenever). If you enjoy cooking, you will likely not have easy access to all the cooking supplies you need to make anything (pots, pans, ingredients) and will have to buy them yourself—or rent out ones that have been used a million times—which is effort in and of itself.

4. Your bed/Your own Bedroom. College is loud and noisy especially in dorms. You might have a roommate who stays up until 4 am or goes to sleep as early as 10. Privacy is generally not an option at school. When you’re home, you don’t have to care who’s in your room or when someone else goes to sleep. Also, it’s likely your bed at home is 1000 times more comfortable than the 30-year-old mattress the school gives you. Appreciate the comfort while it lasts.

5. Fire Alarms. In college, fire alarms notoriously go off for random struggles students have with fire and heat. In one of my friends’ dorms, the fire alarm used to go off for the steam of the showers. I don’t think you want to be interrupted when you’re trying to sleep and someone’s taking a hot shower. Appreciate the lack of fire alarms for random reasons while you still can.

6. Easy Access to Everything You Need. Need some cookies at 2 am at home? You’ll have the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator. Need some in college? You’ll have to get the ingredients yourself. At home, everything is right there, since your parents (or you) generally go get them. At school, you’ll have to get them on your own and figure it all out.

7. Family. Honestly there is no place like home with your family. You may get annoyed by your siblings and your parents sometimes but they’re still your family and they’re there for you. You’ll probably be calling your parents a lot because you will get homesick and will miss them. Appreciate a good hug from your mom or a treat from your dad while you still have it.

College is great, but it’s nice to have the comforts of your home. Enjoy them this summer while they still last!

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