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Image from Pexels.

There are some pretty quirky people in high school. I think all of us have met some interesting characters throughout our respective four years; some scream the high school stereotypes that we all know and despise, and some deviate from them. Stereotypes aside, you are almost guaranteed to meet a few certain types of people in high school. Here are just a few of them.

#1 The Multi-Talented Athlete

Everyone has met the person who is very talented at football, basketball, track, or swimming. But have you met that girl who’s doing five sports this year? Or the guy who’s a beast at water polo, plays Ultimate Frisbee at lunch, and runs Cross Country? That person may have once been a star athlete in one field then expanded his or her horizons to include many different types of sports. The Multi-Talented Athletes can at times frighten you; how do they have enough time to be that devoted to all of their athletics and still be a student? Whatever their secret is, they’re probably pretty resilient if they have that many athletics to burn stress off with. These people can be a mixed bag in terms of friendliness; they can be very fun to talk to, but all of that pressure can build up and burst out if you aren’t careful.

#2 The Artist

This character comes in many forms, from the producer to the movie director to the photographer to the painter. The Artist is talented at what he or she does, and enjoys doing a lot of it. They have all the tools of the trade you could think of, and a few more that you couldn’t think of. Many know their artistic ability, and they may or may not have hopes of pursuing their passion as a career. The Artist can be pretty hard on his or her work, but everyone else can see the beauty in what they make. You can often find The Artist using a laptop or drawing in a sketchbook, working on his or her next big hit.

#3 The One Who Seemingly Goes Shopping Every Weekend

This one is a true fashionista at heart. Clothes are exciting to this person beyond just their simple necessity of protecting the body from the sun; clothes are a form of expression, and these people fully embrace that idea in their fashion choices. The One Who Seemingly Goes Shopping Every Weekend might be a fan of mixing up his or her appearance, or maybe he or she stick to one general style. Either way, these people know how to work clothes and always look put together. They didn’t garner this nickname for nothing, though; it seems like they are always wearing a new piece of clothing every time you see them.

#4 The President of Every Club

The President of Every Club is a master of time itself. These people love leadership and thrive on responsibility; after all, how are they running all these clubs if they don’t like to be in charge sometimes? They amaze you with their mastery of time management, but you can’t help but wonder if they secretly love being busy. Whether you love them or hate them, they’ll keep doing what they’re doing, and probably earn more leadership positions on the way. It’s just how they roll.

#5 The AP Student

You know this person. I know this person. They have taken every AP class under the sun, certainly every one offered at your school, and they’re taking online versions of the AP classes that your school doesn’t offer. How this person has survived until now is a mystery. AP classes are notorious for their time-consuming nature, but The AP Student has not only earned an A in every AP class, but also wants more! Is this person super motivated or super crazy? Probably a bit of both, as most AP students (myself included) will admit. Still, even on those nights where they have more homework than is humanly possible, they most likely will not change their habits.

#6 The ASB President

The King or Queen of school spirit, The ASB President practically runs your school. This is the true HBIC. They know the entire faculty by name, and they’re the favorite of the school administrators. It feels like school would be completely different if this person wasn’t your student body representative. Sometimes their cheeriness and optimism can be baffling. Do they actually love your school that much? I mean, it’s a pretty good school, but this person acts like you go to Rainbow Monkey Island. Oh well, at least someone cares.

#7 The Skeptic

The Skeptic questions all. Why do we go to school? Why is this important? What is the true purpose in learning all of this stuff if you end up forgetting most of it? Why does everyone want to go to college so badly? Why does The Skeptic want to go to college? This person doesn’t take things at face value and tries to dissect everything. Of course, this endearing quality about The Skeptic doesn’t get in the way of him or her having friends. After all, The Skeptic wouldn’t question a friendship unless it was a questionable one.

You’ll either love them or hate them, but you’ll more than likely run into them at least once in the halls. All of them have the potential to be great friends, like any person. It’s just a matter of whether you decide to befriend them. It’s a given that you won’t like every person you meet in high school, but don’t be afraid to approach them and give them a chance. Even the quirkiest of people can turn out to be really cool.

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