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Hopefully, you’re majoring in something that excites you. But even if that’s the case, you might feel a little trapped sometimes. When you have the same classrooms, professors and classmates most of the time, topped with several assignments all related to the same subject area, your major can start feeling all consuming.

As an art major tucked in the studio all day, you occasionally see the faces of unknown science majors. When you really think about it, most of your friends are majoring in some variation of pottery or graphic design. You love your major, but that doesn’t stop you from falling into a routine that feels a little old sometimes.

How do you break your “major bubble” while still staying involved within your department? Check out these tips!

1. Join another cool organization outside your major

Sure, the organizations related to your major might be great for networking. But if you already spend all of your time in that department, why not branch out? By reaching out to other groups on campus, you can make even more connections. By meeting people outside of your area of study, you can learn so many new things and hear different perspectives.

2. Study somewhere new to you

Yeah, your department’s building might have a really great lounge. But the only people who hang out there are the people you see all the time. Switch up your study locations. Move around. Eat lunch in a new building.

3. Make conversation in your gen-ed classes

If you’re taking general classes, you’ve probably fallen into the same routine: showing up, sitting in the same seat every day, taking notes and paying attention to no one. Do you know the names of anyone in your lecture? If the answer is “no,” change that! Though it might seem awkward because no one else talks, even a simple question about homework can lead to more interesting conversations with classmates in other majors.

4. Join something you never thought you’d join

You can meet so many more people by getting involved in something you never thought you’d be interested in. Try a dance class. Join a club sports team. Get involved in something that brings together different people on campus, such as a campus programming or volunteering group.

5. Get an early start on your side hustle

A “side hustle” is something awesome you do on the side of your main job. College is a great time to explore different careers, and a great time to explore different side hustles as well. Talk to different classmates, professors, advisors and community members about your passions and get inspired.

6. Attend campus events

College campuses host a variety events. If you have time in your schedule, check them out, even if it’s something that doesn’t sound super intriguing to you. You never know what could impact you and inspire you. Listen to speakers, go to art exhibits and attend presentations about a variety of topics. If your schedule is packed, find the time to attend some events. It’s a great way to move beyond your normal routine.

7. Step out of your comfort zone

It’s easy to do what’s comfortable. But sometimes, it’s much more interesting to break out of your comfort zone. If you want to make more friends, make conversation. If you want to get involved outside your major, get involved. Try new things and be open to new ideas. You love your major, but you’ll love so many other things, too.

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