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The Prospect has discussed many helpful standardized testing books and guides. I wanted to touch on some new books for both the ACT and the SAT that you could pick up to get you ready for the tests this fall. It may seem early to read these books already, but it’s better to be prepared now then get behind later!

1. Up Your Score: ACT 2016-2017 Edition: The Underground Guide

This book is very very new, it just was released July 14th. It’s written by Chris Arp, a Princeton graduate and current ACT tutor. He features four students who got perfect scores on the ACT and they reveal lots of information that you may not know about. Up Your Score is also a successful series for an SAT guide as well (taught by a different tutor though) but I was particularly fascinated by this one. This book is as up to date as it gets, covering information that is going to be added to the ACT this season.

2. Kaplan ACT 2016 Strategies

This is yet another extremely updated guide that will be a big help to students. I like Kaplan’s because they provide actual practice tests. They also provide access to online, the book, and the DVD. It gives you a lot of options and more useful tips.

3. Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition)

The Blue Book has been mentioned a lot here on the Prospect. The one that has been referenced the most has been the older one. However, they have an updated version meant for 2016. This one doesn’t have 10 practice tests like the other one does, but it has four exams that are published on the website. This is still a worthwhile guide because it’s the first time it has been published in print, so you can have the chance to try them out for yourself. It also covers the new question format that will be launched in 2016.

4. Kaplan SAT 2016 Strategies

This one is the same as the ACT book from Kaplan, but it won’t be released until September since the test isn’t offered until 2016, obviously. Again, I like Kaplan’s guide because they have various formats that you can pick from including: the book, DVD, or online. Although the updated Blue Book is a very reliable source since it comes from the College Board, I also enjoy this resource as well.

5. 500+ Practice Questions For The New SAT

This guide is courtesy of Princeton Review. This is insanely cheap for the really great tips it’s giving to students. These are specially designed questions that are right in line with the new test. What makes it different from the other recent SAT book guides I’ve listed is that it gives you actual practice questions. This gives you an opportunity to get familiar with what will turn up on the actual SAT.

6. Math and Science Workout for the ACT

This is the third edition of Princeton Review’s new guide specific for the Math and Science section. This will be especially helpful for those of you that struggle in these subjects. This was also just released in July so it’s stuffed full of fresh information.

7. Barron’s ACT 36: 3rd Edition

This has advice and strategies that will help students tackle the test. It’s written with the goal of a perfect ACT score. It doesn’t come out until August, but it still is nice to have for those of you that will be taking the test, even if you’re taking it in September or October. It also has practice tests that cover all of the main ACT subjects, as well as tips to help you if you’re taking the writing section of the test. It’s an all around helpful source!

8. Test Prep Genius 2016 Redesigned SAT Strategy & Practice Guide

This one is a lot more expensive than the others I’ve listed. And I don’t know much about the company that’s publishing it. But I think it can still be a useful resource for students who are incredibly serious about this test. It also has quite a bit of test questions that might be useful. This one doesn’t completely standout from the other books, but it still seems to be a good resource.

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