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As interesting as calculus is seen on 4 Reasons to Love Calculus, it is important to realize that the subject can be highly applicable to our daily lives. A quick search through YouTube will lead you find an amount of calculus parodies that vary from differentiation to integration, and from a positive tone to a more serious one. No matter which topic they choose to cover, the mixture of a well known song, the feeling of impending doom that sometimes comes when a big final/AP exam approaches the date, and the lyrics that carry calculus puns for approximately four minutes, make of the parodies a bearable way of coping with calculus. Who knows, the parodies could even boost your interest.

Here’s a compilation of the top eight calculus parodies that can be found on YouTube:

1. Sum Nights (Fun. – Some Nights Calculus Parody)

This list must open with a song that describes what it’s like to be involved in a calculus class. Some nights you’re excited about deriving long functions, and others you’re it taking seriously when people say “don’t drink and derive,” and apply the “don’t derive” part to every action that takes place within your day. Like the song suggests, “sum nights [you] don’t care anymore.”

The funniest part of this song, however, is when one of the singers mentions how useless pre-calculus was (2:52). I haven’t met a person who has told me that pre-calculus prepared them for a real calculus class, whether it was AP Calculus AB, BC, or dual enrollment Calculus. Although the use of auto-tune is highly noticeable in this song, its hilarious lyrics make you overcome the overdone pitches.

2. Collin’s Mom (Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom Calculus Parody)

Collin’s Mom has got it going on, indeed. When it comes to understanding math concepts, having a mom who knows about them can be advantageous. If your friend’s mom is the one who can manage them, then you might have found the opportunity of learning what you couldn’t have learned before. What I like about this song is, that putting the whole joke aside, it encourages team work. Not cheating, but asking to each other for help while neglecting pride if necessary.

3. Derive Me, Maybe? (Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe Parody)

If you thought that you can’t conquer a person’s heart while using derivatives, think again! And please let’s take a minute to appreciate the lines that mention L’Hopital’s rule: “before I learned L’Hopital’s rule / limits were so bad.” That, my friends, is a fact.

4. I Integrate By Parts (Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of The Heart Parody)

Remember, folks, don’t forget about LIATE’s existence while integrating by parts!

5. Under The Curve – Calculus Rap (Parody)

If we ignore the stereotypical representation of nerds in this video, we might enjoy how amazing this video is. Hands down to the lines where one of the rappers mentions the mass-energy equivalence equation: “Theories like Einstein, that’s why you’re scared/To MCs I’m E, you see, I’m you squared.”

6. Calculus Thrift Shop (Macklemore – Thriftshop Parody)

This video mentions the cost of graphing calculators (2:30), which can be ridiculously high. Also, kudos to the creators for reminding us to add the +C while integrating. It hurts to see red marks on a test just because the +Cs were completely forgotten.

7. Calculus Rhapsody (Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody Parody)

Ignoring the poor quality of the picture, there’s something about this parody that makes Calculus a happy experience. It even makes to remember to add +C an easier task if you are integrating for the first time. I don’t think I will be able to forget “I’m just a constant, nobody loves me / hes’ just a constant, might as well just call it C / Never forget to add the constant C” (3:28).

8. I Will Derive (Gloria Gaynor – I Will Survive Parody)

Like Calculus Rhapsody, this song makes Calculus a worthy experience. It gives you the kind of feeling of self improvement you need right before an important exam, and it even could make you believe that you can ace the it.

So there you have it, folks! Do you have any songs to help you remember what you’ve learned in class? Comment below!

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