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Image from Pexels.

Some of the most important people in school are, of course, the teachers. They are the people who transfer their learning to you, expanding your mind with their knowledge. The joy of the class often depends entirely on the teacher.

However, sometimes you can have that teacher. Which teacher? You know what I mean, that teacher, the one who is the same across all high schools there almost always be one of these.

So here are the different types of teachers at high school (some good, some bad) and how you can deal with them.

1. The Club-Focused Teacher. This teacher seems to be more obsessed with the club she is in charge of instead of her classes. She often is off doing stuff for the club rather than teaching your class. Sometimes, she even employs you to help with club activities—even if you’re not in her club!

How to deal: With this teacher, she will still expect you to learn everything and stay on task even if she is not. Keep on working hard through her class! If you do not understand something because of her constant absences, ask the teacher for some extra help!

2. The Personal Life-Obsessed Teacher. All this teacher does is talk about his personal life or past stories, rather than teaching the class. He goes on constant tangents—talking about how to find the probability of getting  blue card to talking about his son’s recent graduation.

How to deal: Encourage this teacher to stay on track by reminding him what you were just learning about. If you don’t want to, always keep some work for another class on hand that you can do while he talks about his personal life for 10 minutes.

3. The Extremely Old Teacher. This teacher is ancient. You’re afraid of her falling over any second. She was an excellent teacher about a couple decades ago, but now she’s forgetful, lazy and confused. This teacher can often lose your papers or forget to tell you about the quiz happening next class

How to deal: Make sure you have a copy of everything you turn in to this teacher, as she’ll probably lose it, and you don’t want to have to redo that 10 page paper you wrote for that class. Urge her to remember things you are supposed to be doing so she does not get off track.

4. The Lazy Teacher. She sits at her desk most of the time, eating food, after telling you to read your textbook and take “notes” of course. If there are problems in the class, she does not really care and just talks from her desk. She does not answer questions fully nor does she attempt to help confused students.

How to deal: You’ll have to learn the material of the class independently if you want to succeed, as this teacher will not teach you anything helpful. If you have other work to do, bring it to this class and get it done.

5. The Coach Teacher. According to Editorial Intern, Mary Catherine Carter, a common type of teacher is the coach teacher. They always go by Coach _____ and concentrate more on his sport instead of the class itself. They are strict and controlling to the class, threatening them in a way they would threaten their team.

How to deal: Embrace the class as a much-needed study hall. If the teacher expects you to still learn everything in the class, buckle down and learn!

6. The Clueless Teacher. This teacher does not actually know what he is doing yet, and clearly tries to BS his way through the subject and the class. He pretends to know the subject and even incorrectly teachers it to you.

How to deal: According to Gabrielle Scullard, a fellow Senior Intern, you will have to learn the subject independently and just smile and nod during the actual class.

7. The Super-Strict Teacher. This teacher is the most organized person you have ever witnessed in your life. If you get off of schedule in class or if some of her stuff gets moved around, she will freak out.

How to deal: Personally, I love strict teachers because I always know what is going on, but, if its too organized for you, make sure you do not mess with her stuff and keep on top of her schedule.

8. The Too-Challenging Teacher. This type of teacher is the one who makes everything four million times harder than it needs to be, according to Senior Intern Gabrielle Scullard. However, it is completely worth going through the difficulty of the class as you get extra-prepared for the AP exam and know the subject inside and out.

How to deal: Work really hard through this class, trying to absorb the extra information, even if you know you might not need to even know it for the exam. It’ll come in use at some time! Try your best! Sometimes these teachers seem unnecessarily unfair, but in the end, the hard work you put in will be all worth it.

9. The “Funny” Teacher. This teacher thinks he’s the funniest person on the planet, when truthfully his jokes suck. He inserts these jokes everywhere you look-in your homework, tests, emails, the wall and the board. He has several jokes in every set of notes you take.

How to deal: Pretend to laugh to make him feel better. It can be an awkward laugh, sure, but at least pretend. It’s the nice thing to do.

Ah teachers, we love them. Sometimes we hate them. But however you feel, there will be at least one teacher that has been your favorite, one that has touched your life, changed you irrevocably.

What other types of teachers do you find at school?

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  1. Sharon Lee on July 3, 2015

    At first I thought this was joke regarding teachers but then I begin to read it. Just so true! And thanks for the practical tips.

  2. Nelson on March 17, 2017

    Hey…I just loved reading this article….
    Btw am a teacher too.. Wondering what kind of teacher I am……

  3. Casey ;) on March 30, 2017

    SO fucking true. I have this one teacher name , Clemente she goes to school with dirty ,and messed up cloths. Instead , she should learn how to do her laundry, because she has wrinkles in her cloths.Also, she has most of her pants with white stuff,and students make fun of her .Once, her nipples were showing !! To add on , she does not know how to teach she is messy,and lazy. She does not know how to spell . ASAP, (how did she even become a teacher at a charter school? ?) She also ,thinks she perfect ; all the time giving demerits for her silly as reasons . She is a hoe !!

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