My sister's cookies, which I didn't get to bake with her this year.

My sister’s cookies, which I didn’t get to bake with her this year.

Feeling alone as you swim through the terrifying waters known as the college admission process? Have no fear! We have several seniors blogging about ups, downs, and random in-betweens of their college process for the next 12 months (from June 2015 to June 2016!). Sit back, relax, and get that “OMG I totally get you, bro” feeling. Information for how to contact a blogger will be at the bottom of his/her posts.

I really don’t have much to say about this past month. I got deferred from Princeton, but that’s old news. Today I read an insightful article written by my friend who blogs for a sister website of TP at my school, the Monty Sponge. She basically summarized what I’m feeling right now. I feel like a lot of us are feeling the same thing, so I don’t want to simply restate what my friend said or risk not doing your feelings justice.
I spent my entire winter break on college apps. I didn’t even get to see Star Wars. However, I don’t exactly regret my decision because college is pretty important to me and, if given the chance to redo this winter break, I’d probably do the same thing. Also, I don’t feel that my intellectual development suffered throughout high school out of pressure to get into a good college. I’m not saying I didn’t feel the pressure, and I’m not trying to undermine my friend’s feelings in any way, I guess we just faced different pressures and environments. As she said, we are the result of our own experiences.
That said, while I don’t regret my actions this break I do regret not spending enough time with my family. Call it doublethink, but my point is, when I submitted my last app yesterday and threw my arms up in elation, I put them back down again because the thrill wasn’t as, well, thrilling as I thought it would be. I think the best way I can communicate this feeling is through someone else. So, in case I didn’t mention my obsession with TED Talks before, here is one you should definitely watch:

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