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Extracurricular activities are opposite of academics on the two-sided coin that is high school. For many, it tends to be the more tolerable of the two because it’s done on a voluntary basis. When it comes to on-campus extracurricular activities, school clubs are definitely ranked high in popularity and prevalence. School clubs allow students to gather together with other like-minded students who share the same interests and ideas and provide a fun, free environment where all can feel like they belong. The desire to be among people just like ourselves is often the driving force among club participation, but at times many are stuck because this desire can’t be quenched when the right club just doesn’t exist. A solution to this problem would be for one person to step up and take the initiative to create this environment for themselves and others and though it can be scary, it is surely worth the risk.

The first thing you should do before you begin the official club process is to come up with a general idea of what you want your club to be about, including coming up with a club name. This can be done by doing some self-reflection on your interests and passions that you’d love to share with others. You can also consider what you believe would be beneficial to your school and would leave a long lasting impression. Either method would allow you to be heard among your peers and new voices are an absolute necessity for the enhancement of a school.

Next, you will need to talk to a school official who regulates the establishment of clubs. They will inform you of all the official steps you need to take in order to get your club up and running. This may include paperwork, finding a club adviser, proving you have startup members, and more. Simply follow all of the guidelines set by your school in order to make sure your club isn’t terminated before it even begins.

Many schools require club leaders to designate a school teacher or administrator as the adviser of the club. A club adviser is basically the teacher who will chaperone your club and  is often the teacher whose classroom you will use to hold your club meetings. When it comes to finding an adviser, it is usually easiest to approach a teacher you already know (and preferably like) and kindly ask them to be your adviser after giving them a quick briefing on what your club is and the purpose behind it. If none of the teachers you know are available, try asking your friends if they know any teachers who’d be available an interested.

After finding an adviser and completing all of your school’s requirements, it is time to advertise! With the permission of your school administrators, start spreading the word about your club via announcements, posters, flyers, and whatever creative yet school-law abiding way you can think of. It’s important tot start creating hype about your club so you can start off with a solid group of supporters. If people don’t know about the club, then they won’t join, so make sure to spread awareness and get people excited!

Good luck to all of you future club founders and presidents and make sure too leave your mark on the school in whatever way you can!

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