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Our Team

DSC_0175 - Version 2Lily Herman – Co-Founder
Lily Herman is a senior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Besides bopping around on The Prospect, Lily is a columnist for USA TODAY College (read the Quad Report, yo); Senior Editorial Intern for The Daily Muse; a national contributing editor for Her Campus; and Managing Editor at HelloFlo. When she is not studying or awkwardly waving at people around campus, Lily enjoys eating Sour Patch Kids and re-watching the Friday Night Lights series finale (she’s Team Saracen, by the way). Also (shameless plug alert), feel free to follow her on Twitter, or email her at lherman(at)theprospect(dot)net.



stevenSteven GuCo-Founder
Steven Gu is currently a senior at Swarthmore College. While he is not spending his time thinking of new ways to interpret college admissions today in the United States, he is working on his Urban Studies (of which no department exists at Swarthmore) and Political Science majors. He is also a part of the Swarthmore Student Admissions Committee, Housing Committee, Student Senate, a Admissions Tour Guide, and a Student Academic Mentor. In addition, he enjoys pretending that he can actually dance, short films in foreign languages, and eating inane amounts of food.You can follow him on his Twitter.