The only thing keeping me from the wonderful freedom that is summer are end of year exams. This week is my last week of school, and my teachers decided they wanted to be cheeky and give us our exams during the last few days of the year. So, while seniors are enjoying their last few days in air-conditioned rooms watching movies and eating junk food, we juniors are trying to squeeze one last “A” from thin air.

Your teachers decide that they want to be particularly evil, and give you three finals in one week.

All you can think is…

It’s the last week of school; the last thing you want to do is study. for. three. finals.

You literally space out during class while the teacher reviews the material for the final.

Then, your friends are like, “Hey let’s study!”

And that works out for like… five minutes…

Your teacher reminds your class that the final is in three days and advises you to study as much as possible.

After a week of procrastinating, you realize the test is on Monday.


pass out

You buckle down, and try to study.

Studying at home becomes tedious, so you decide to study at Starbucks.

Everything’s fine and dandy, until you see your friends and they try distracting you.

Time is coming down to the wire and it’s the night before your exams.


of nervous breakdown

You finally realize you can’t memorize your entire textbook in one night.


freaking out


You wake up and your mom asks how prepared you are for your tests.

You walk into class awaiting your doom. The teacher hands out the final and you’re like:

fck outta here done

oh hell no

After you finish your finals and your friends ask how you did:

The walk of shame as you go home:

Your mom asks how finals went. What you wish you could tell her is that you…

The reality is that you did not, in fact, “crush it”.



But hey, you find solace in the fact that summer vacation is soon, and you totally just survived finals week.



And to celebrate you…sleep!

I hope you guys realize finals aren’t the end all be all of your life. Study, but don’t kill yourselves in the process. Good luck to you all, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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  3. rionka (@rionka) on January 19, 2015

    omigod you just killed me. brilliant collection, thankyouthankyou. 😀 😀

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