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Living in a dormitory with over one hundred other individuals can be the best and worst experience of your life. You might love your roommate or hate them. Your floormates can become your best friends or worst enemies. Whether you love the people you live with or hate them, learning how to deal with people will be one of the most valuable things you will learn while in college.

Roomie Lovin’

I’m sure virtually everyone dreams of their roommate becoming their best friend. Who wouldn’t want to live with their favorite person? The plus of having your best friend as your roommate is that you always have someone who is there to listen to your complaints, concerns, and opinions at four in the morning on a Tuesday night when any sane person would be asleep. The cons of having your best friend as your roommate is that whenever you get into a fight you have to live with them and possibly face not talking to them for extended periods of time, and that’s just uncomfortable.


The reality of things is that you and your roommate might not become best friends. You might not become friends at all; you might actually grow to really dislike one another. Unless your personalities just don’t match up, it’s not uncommon to have minor roommate conflicts. But, if these conflicts aren’t addressed over time feelings of overwhelming annoyance and possibly hatred can ensue.

So…My Hall Mates are Horrible People

It’s easier to deal with a difficult roommate situation if you have people around you who are your friends. When you either do not know the people on your floor or do not get along with them things can become very uncomfortable. If you do not get along with your floor mates there is not much you can do to solve the situation unless you outright ask them what is wrong and diligently work to fix your relationship with them if they’re willing to do so too. Otherwise, it is a lost cause.

How You Can Help Yourself and Your Situation

If you’re having roommate problems and you do not feel like you can resolve the situation on your own or are not sure how to go about addressing your issues, talk to your Resident Assistant about ways to solve the problem. They are trained to help you with your situations so they will have an answer for your problem no matter what.

Some situations with roommates are easily solvable. You may find that it’s easier to address problems with your roommate with someone else in the room guiding the dialogue between you and your roommate(s). When the conflicts are large enough, like dealing with extremely different sleep schedules or other things that are out of your control, it is more difficult to come to a compromise. There are some situations that are unsolvable that will require you moving to another room all together. Don’t feel bad if this measure has to be taken.

It is much more difficult to deal with problems amongst floor mates. If many people on your floor outwardly show their distaste towards you then maybe you should think about your past actions and consider if you are the cause of the problem. However, remember that while some people mature and move past high school-like tendencies, many do not. These people will still attempt to bring you down, especially if they are jealous of you excelling in your classes that they are also in or if you are given an opportunity but they are not.

Always remember that no matter what, you do not have to live with people you do not get along with. You are paying money to go to whatever college or university you are attending. If you are happy or feel uncomfortable with your living situation then change it. There is no point in being unhappy or feeling insecure or even threatened when you have the ability to move.

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