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Online internships are best friends of people who live in areas that are located in a geographically unfortunate place when it comes to accessibility to jobs and internships. Luckily for these people, e-Businesses are slowly expanding, considering that the future appears rely heavily on digital information. There is a positive and direct relationship between e-Businesses and online opportunities, meaning that the idea of having an online internship/job will not be frowned upon.

Even though an online internship is innovative, some people cannot adapt to this idea. They think that the position is irrelevant to the real world because the platform is online. However, this is not true. Here are the top misconceptions and myths I stumbled upon.

1. Online positions are not stable.

Stability is relative. If a business is just starting out, it will probably encounter a lot of problem that can cause instability. There are several variables that directly affect a business’ success (such as demand, marketing, competition, etc), so being a virtual enterprise will not be the sole determinant in business stability. Furthermore, with good business organization comes good virtual internship programs. If the managers or supervisors are competent, then your position will be just as stable as a physical position.

2. People do not obtain any experience from online internships.

False. One of the most important skills a person must develop while doing an online internship is time management. Let’s be honest, normally online internships can provide flexibility because you don’t have to wake up at 6:30 AM in order to take a train that will take you to the office. You will have to plan out your own day and plan your time to get your assignments completed.

Depending on the type of internship, different skills will be developed. If a person is on a community outreach position, they are going to be interacting with others virtually. Communications ability via text or video is essential to a successful online internship.

3. Only lazy people seek online internships.

This misconception is founded mostly on the fact that you get the luxury of working from home. Doing work in your home office does not in any way indicate that you are a lazy person. In fact, you can probably accomplish even more and be more productive if you are disciplined than a regular commuter.

4. Online internships are irrelevant resume wise. 

In other words, the misconception is that “companies don’t care about your online position because no big companies are seeking for online interns.” A quick visit to LinkedIn can prove this statement wrong: Google, Microsoft, and HP are among the companies that have these online opportunities available. Plus, a position is what you make of it. A person can easily maximize limitations and try to create networks.

Now that the myths are out of the way, if you are still wondering who should get an online internship, this is the answer: anyone who is capable of using the internet. If you’re in high school, an online internship would be awesome since it’s not too hard to balance extracurricular activities with academics. If you’re in college, an online internship can give you a good network and flexibility to continue with college activities. There’s not really a wrong way to go with online internships if you learn how to prioritize your time wisely.

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