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Image from Pexels.

Summer. A time meant for lazy days on the beach, late night runs to Chipotle, and…architecture programs? For some of you people out there, spending your summer in an architecture program seems like a waste of time. You can barely get out of bed, and when you do, why would you spend it designing and working? But for others, getting the opportunity to spend the summer designing and creating sounds heaven sent. If you think you fit the second description, then keep on reading. This article is for those of you who yearn to be the new Frank Lloyd Wright or want to build the next Eiffel Tower. Whichever it may be, you came to the right place!

Unbeknownst to many, there are actually countless architecture programs for high schoolers. Whether you’ve known you’ve wanted to be an architect since you turned two or if you suddenly decided that architecture is the field for you, colleges across America host various programs, usually during summer, to help students enhance their talents. Some schools that host these types of schools include Harvard, Cornell, USC, WashU, Duke, UMichigan,  UPenn, Parsons, and so on.

You’re probably wondering: where exactly can I find a list of schools that have these programs or what would I be doing there?  The next part of this article will be covering these exact details.

Schools Offering Architecture Programs

The list of schools I mentioned above are not the only ones that offer programs. Actually, they are a very small sample of schools. The American Institute of Architects provides a more thorough list of schools that offer architecture programs. When you take a look at the full list you can see that the possibilities are endless. If you‘re parents are hesitant to let you travel across the country for a program, then you can most definitely find one that is closer to home. The list gives colleges that cover most of the US, from the University of Washington to the University of Miami, so travel and distance should not be a component that prevents you from trying.

If you decide to apply for the University Of Notre Dame’s program, your 13 days will be spent attending seminars, going on field trips, and working in design studios.

At USC’S program, students will receive help from students currently enrolled in USC’s architecture program. Students will work in design studios, receive demonstrations and attend field trips. Participating students will also get help in creating a portfolio of work that they can turn in for college level programs.

If you pick Cornell, you will spend your time exploring principles such as Architectural History, Urban design, landscape architecture, and preservation, while also learning about lighting, acoustics and etc.


When I was going through the different architecture programs and their requirements, I noticed a few common ones. Most of the programs are geared towards 11th and 12th graders, but there are also some available for underclassmen. Many do not have GPA requirements, but require transcripts for grade verification. Some may also ask for letters of recommendations or essays.


Although very exciting and interesting, many of these programs do come with a cost, ranging anywhere between $1,900 and $4,000. These usually include tuition, housing, meal plan, books, supply kits, and field trips. Typically these programs do not cover travel expenses, medical expenses, insurance, and/or personal expenses.  Although this may seem like a lot of money, don’t let it shatter your dreams of attending a program. Many to all of these colleges offer scholarships to students who show financial need.  Tuition should not prevent you from going!

So, if you’re interested make sure to check out the full list of schools here. Good luck, and may the architecture odds be ever in your favor!

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