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I am Rachel Kwon, one of the food bloggers for The Prospect! I was born and raised in a cute little town called Knoxville, Tennessee. In my corner of the world, food is taken very seriously. Living here, I started to appreciate all sorts of foods. I love eating everything from good ole Southern food to all sorts of fusion foods from the food trucks at the farmer’s market!  In addition, my family’s love of traveling resulted in my appreciation of all things delicious manifesting into a hardcore love of food. So yes, I love cooking and trying new things (The picture below is from my adventure to the farmer’s market a while ago. I got the beautiful Saffron Cardamom ice cream.)!

However, some of you might wonder why I am blogging for a college admissions site. Well, dear readers, my main goal is to help my fellow college students out with some food tips! While I won’t be able to provide you recipes for a delicious filet mignon, I will post lots of budget friendly recipes, snacks, and even restaurant reviews! Look forward to food tips and even facts about clean eating. As I begin my college adventure in Boston this September, I hope that I can provide different food ideas to spice up college eating!  And without a further ado, let’s get on to the first post!

What should I eat in college? Should I subject myself to the Freshman 15 already?

This post is for all my fellow incoming college freshmen. We’re about to leave home. It’s the place of home-cooked meals and an overflowing pantry with a plethora of snacks and munchies. College is foreign to all of us. We’re probably already wondering, “What’s the college food like? Will I starve?”

This was me a week ago. Out of all the things a prefrosh can have a mental breakdown about, mine was concerning food. I literally started crying when I realized I had a little less than 2 months until my mom’s delicious Korean food would no longer be in my meal plan.

So, to alleviate the pain of separating with the food we are leaving behind, I have compiled a list of tips on how to make the best out of your college food experience.

1. Give the dining hall a try.

Don’t go into school thinking that all the dining hall food will be awful. In fact, it can be quite good. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza, salad, pasta, and other delicious meals?  But if you start school thinking that all food will be gross, then it will be. Come with an open mind and who knows, you might like the food (We just get sick of it later.)!

2. Use what your college provides you.

Most colleges provide a mini-kitchen for each residence or floor. Make sure your college provides this and use it for your benefit. Bring a pot and pan so you can cook easy meals for you and your floor-mates (Also, divide and conquer! Message your roommate about splitting kitchen utensils.).

3. Explore the local farmer’s market.

Farmer’s markets are a good way to explore a new part of your college town. Also, many vendors provide discounted, homegrown fruits and veggies! It’s a bit more exciting than the grocery store and also provides an incentive to eat clean.

4. Eat breakfast.

Eating breakfast has numerous benefits. It keeps you active all day and also helps curb midday cravings. Also, most of time, first years have to pay for a meal-plan including breakfast, so don’t skip the most important meal of the day! Grab some fruit and other delicious breakfast foods provided.

5. Eat with a friend

When you eat with a friend, you are less likely to grab your third cookie of the meal. Your friend will help motivate you to stay on your somewhat “healthy” eating. You are more likely to grab those yummy bananas and unprocessed foods when somewhere is there to stop you!

6. Don’t be that one hoarder.

Unless you have a specific reason, don’t hoard your snack stash. College life is all about sharing food and being all out communal. So when your friend asks for that Oreo, don’t glare at her. Give it to her, and she’ll share her food with you when you ask for it. The more diversity, the better.


While you want to practice healthy eating, there are days when you need to treat yourself with indulgent food. On the weekends, go out with your friends and indulge in that molten lava cake and ice cream. Remember, eat everything in moderation. If you are craving chocolate, TREAT YO’ SELF. Just don’t eat a whole bar of chocolate.

8. Keep an eye out for on-campus events.

Many clubs and associations have annual events that everyone on campus is invited to. Keep an eye out for those! Cultural clubs like Korean Student Association often provide students with delicious Korean food for either a small fee or for free. You can try new foods on campus for a small price!

9. Always ask for student discounts.

Fast food joints including Burger King, Dairy Queen, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Waffle House, and even some Papa John’s provide student discounts ranging from 5%-20%. Proudly whip out dat student ID and get that discount. Try asking local diners and restaurants about a discount. If they have one, SCORE! If not, oh well; it doesn’t hurt to ask.

10. Be friends with your professors.

This depends on every college, but many schools  have professors that often invite students to their houses for dinner. And according to my friend, a sophomore, dinners at the professor’s are the best. Talking to your professors after class and visiting them during after hours might seem weird at first, but it has its benefits, including paper advice, homework help, and FREE FOOD. So shed away your shyness, and maintain a good relationship with your professors!

I hope everyone’s freshman year is a blast!

Bon appétit!

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