Fall semester is coming to a close, and you know what that means. It’s that time of year again: course registration.

oh boy

not panicking

Time to set up a meeting with your advisor, who might be helpful

despicable me

and you’re just like


or your advisor might be more like

idk what i'm doing

(or that’s what you hear when he/she talks, anyway).

But, hey, it can’t be that bad.

it's simple

I mean, look at all those fun classes you can take!


Harry Potter

Too bad all the upperclassmen have already registered and there are like three spots left in the class you want.

how dare you

And the only section conflicts with a 2 PM math class you need to take.


But, okay, maybe you can take calc at 8 AM instead…

not interested

why do we have that lever

…with the notoriously difficult-to-understand professor…

who's weddy to wearn

…on the other side of campus.

500 miles

After all the sacrifices have been made…

the worst

…you have a schedule set up and it’s almost time to register.


You look at your already-registered classmates like

Why did you have to go last?


5 minutes left. The site won’t let you in, so you’re just staring at the computer…


…and waiting.

waiting alice

waiting sebastian


2 minutes to go. You start refreshing just in case the website lets you in early.




Finally, you just start screaming at your computer.
now(It’s ineffective.)

Someone down the hall yells that they got in and you’re just like

and then you’re in and it’s glorious and then

crapyou realize you forgot to write the course number for any of the classes you wanted.

While you scramble to find the 6-digit numbers, the cool class got filled after all.

why glee

And now, so is your 2 PM math.

troy crawling
And you forgot to think of backup classes.

feel nothing

Eventually, you have an official schedule that might not be what you expected…
…or wanted…
no me gusta
…but remember, you can always hope that someone drops one of the classes you wanted…
…or learn to love waking up at 6.
sleeplockBut that’s just worst case scenario.


Good luck!

good luck

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Gabrielle Scullard hails from suburban Arizona, where she is a senior at a public high school. She spends most of her life taking AP classes and crying about her future. When she is not stressing out about school, she plays viola (it’s like a violin but better) and signs in an American Sign Language choir (it’s like a vocal choir but better). She wants to be a superhero, but an internship at The Prospect is basically the same thing. She hopes her writing can help someone or, at least, make someone smile. You can find her on her Tumblr or at home, but she would prefer it if you didn't do either of those things.

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