I’ve always loved being crafty and I love getting the trendy look without having to spend a bunch of money. I also try to repurpose clothing before I donate it if it doesn’t fit my style anymore. So when I tried this tutorial, I was hooked. Shirt pockets are all the rage right now and if you have chance, you should definitly try this DIY on your own. It also makes a great group activity or party idea. This tutorial takes about 15-45 minutes depending on how you attach the pocket to shirt.

Not convinced? Imagine me clearing my throat and putting on my best announcer’s voice as I say this: “Do you want to revamp an old shirt? Do you have a few bucks and want to spice up some clothes? Do you want to feel snazzy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this tutorial is for you!”

I’m going to lead you through the steps to make and attach a pocket to one of your shirts.

What You Need



  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • A shirt*
  • Fusible tape** (or a needle and thread)
  • Chalk/Pencil/Safety Pins (optional)

*Choice of shirt is important. If you are using the non sewing method, then you should use a shirt that doesnt have a ton of stretch to it. If you are going to sew, just make sure the pocket is securely attached to your shirt and your knots are secure at the starting and stopping point. 

** Im using EZ Steam II. I chose this one because it is 2 sided and works like tape to hold the piece of fabric or folds in place while I am checking shapes and positions before I iron.



Step 1 and Step 2

Step 1: Get some fabric that you’d like to make your pocket out of. I like cotton because it is easy to work with. If you buy 1/8th of a yard it should cost you around or less than $1. It will be more than enough.

Step 2: You can freehand a pentagon pocket shape or you can cut a square that is larger than the pocket you want to make. Or, fold it in half and cut off an edge at an angle. Unfold and repeat to adjust if needed. You can also make square pockets using a square of fabric.


Step 3 and Step 4

Step 3: Turn fabric wrong side up and begin ironing or using fusible tape to fold all the edges toward the center. Fusible tape like EZ Steam II will stick once you apply pressure like you are using tape.  The folding and taping/ironing will crease the edges so it lays in the shape you would like with finished edges that will not fray. (Skip this step if you would like the fabric to fray around the edge.)

Step 4:  Apply more fusible tape to cover all those new flaps except on the top edge.

Step 5: Position pocket on shirt. It is easiest to mark the position on the shirt while wearing it so the pocket is positioned correctly on your chest. Use chalk, safety pins or a pencil to mark where you want your pocket to start. Be careful not to press 2-sided tape on to hard if you are not exactly sure that is where you want the pocket, it is difficult to remove.


Step 6 with purple press cloth

Step 6: Check the position pocket on shirt one more time and iron or sew it onto the shirt. If you are sewing, pinning the pocket in place may make this easier. Be careful not to burn/discolor your shirt while ironing the seams. You can check this before hand on the inside of the shirt near an edge if you’d like. The purple fabric between the iron and the fabric is called a press cloth and it is best if it is a thicker fabric to keep your iron from damaging the fabric of the pocket or shirt.

Step 7: Wear your awesome shirt and be proud to tell everyone who compliments it that you made it!

If you all have any questions about this, feel free to ask in the comment section!

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