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Image from Pexels.

We’ve all heard the saying that a friend has your back. Of course, looking out for people is a complicated business, and I’ve learned quite a lot about it in college.


We all know to NEVER put your drink down at a party and if you do, don’t drink it. But sometimes you’ll notice that a friend or an acquaintance (I try to spread the looking out for people around) put their drink down to go to the bathroom or something like that, and they try to go back and drink it. Maybe it’s due to intoxication or just an accident, but try your best to stop them and persuade them to get another drink.

I hope you all never have to deal with drugged drinks at parties. I had to help take care of a girl who drank something from someone else (Please don’t do this, always make your own drinks!), and she was unresponsive and was moving around the dorm room incoherently. The next morning, she and some of her friends put the night back together and realized what happened.

Luckily she was safe and a friend of hers brought her back to the dorm safely. But if YOU notice a friend or someone you know or anyone (if you want to take it that far) acting disoriented or very different than she normally does when she drinks, sit her down and check on her. Don’t let her leave with anyone who you don’t trust. It is not the time to be worried about getting her in trouble; she will thank you later.


Friends dont want to see their friends fail. It’s also not okay to badger someone because of their performance. Be encouraging if a friend comes to you
disheartened. You have to remind him that he still have things to learn (hence why we pay tuition to go to college).

Always try to do your personal best ,and don’t get down if you don’t do as well as you hoped to on something. Pick yourself up, try to figure out what happened and learn for the next go around. Encourage friends to seek help from professors or find study groups to help them out. A friend should push you to be your best, not kick you. (Life lesson: Don’t kick your friends)


This can be a touchy subject for some people. Personally, I don’t think it’s too much considering I put my stats up on the Internet, but some people don’t want to hear negative comments. Try to be considerate and caring if you ever bring up a health-related issue such a weight, skin, emotional health or mental health.

So, what should you do for friends in need? Always be gentle. If they are not feeling well emotionally, refer them to a counselor at school or at the college/university you attend. If they are acting particularly distressed or seem to be dangerous to themselves or others, report them to a professor or a dean at your institution.

Always remind them that they are not weak for asking for help no matter what, whether it be with their weight or mental health. They are so strong for taking that steps to get themselves what they need. You can also refer them to this article that I wrote about feeling down. It has resources that you can refer to them at the bottom of the page. This also applies if you notice signs of an abusive relationship that they are apart of, or other issues that fall under the health umbrella. In those cases, try to remain strong for them and help them in whatever way you can.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You can’ forget to take care of yourself. You can help yourself if you see a problem arise. It’s okay. It doesn’t make you selfish, because I know how that can feel. It doesn’t make you a bad person, it means you are taking a step to take care of yourself. It’s a positive reflection on yourself.

tl;dr Help out your friends whenever you see a possible situation that could be negative for them, and don’t forget about yourself.

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