Image from Pexels.

Image from Pexels.

Okay, it’s probably becoming clear that I am a little addicted to decorating my dorm. I’m basically incapable of coming back to my room without having a few new things! You know what I’m even more addicted to? Halloween! Seriously, I think I started decorating before October even hit, and I’ve come up with a bunch of tips of how you can get your dorm in the Halloween spirit as well!

I grew up in the south, and I’m going to be real here… there is nothing I won’t use a mason jar for. Seriously, I’m obsessed with them, and as a fairly-broke college student, the fact that they have a million different uses makes them all the more perfect.


  • Yellow paint*
  • White paint*
  • Orange paint*
  • Mason jars
  • Sponge brushes

*Spray paint is a better option, but regular paint works just fine if you don’t have a place where you are able to use spray paint!


  • Paint the whole jar white, let it dry
  • Paint an orange stripe around the middle, let it dry
  • Paint a yellow strip along the bottom, let it dry
  • Voila! You have an adorable jar to keep all your candy corn (or other Halloween themed treats) in!  

Cinnamon Brooms!

Okay, as soon as October hits, I’m the first one to show up at Trader Joe’s. Not only do they have pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING for reasonable prices, but they also have my all-time fall favorite: cinnamon brooms. They put these things in the front of the store so you can’t helpbut smell them when you’re going to get a cart, and before you know it you have dozens of them. The super great thing about them is the smell will be really noticeable, especially in a small dorm room, and they only cost about 4 dollars, I haven’t needed to use febreze since I got mine! I live at the very end of my hall, and you can start smelling cinnamon as soon as you step off the elevator! Also, they may be broom shaped, but trust me you’ll keep it around far past Halloween.

  • Warning: make sure your roommate doesn’t mind cinnamon…if they do, immediately find a new roommate


            Okay, I probably don’t have to tell you that getting a pumpkin will get you in the Halloween spirit. However, if you’re like me and going to school far, far away from an accessible pumpkin patch, I would highly recommend finding a pumpkin or two from Trader Joe’s, as they have them for far less expensive than any other grocery store I’ve been too. Plus, you’ll be going there anyways to get that cinnamon broom! If you don’t want to worry about carving the pumpkin and it starting to rot in your dorm room, I’d recommend looking around target for the kits where you can stick stuff into the pumpkin in a Mr-Potato-head esqe fashion. The pumpkin won’t last forest, but it’ll take a lot longer to start rotting than just plain carving it!


Getting a few strings of lights is a great way to add some spirit to your room! I got orange and purple ones, which I can use all year around

since they match my color anyways! I also got a string of cute, seasonal lights, which are in the shape of bats! If you’re anything like me, you still have a trillion extra command hooks laying around, which are perfect for hanging the lights up.

Window Gels

Recently, my floor-mates and I decided to make the trek to Target, and while we were there I decided to stock up on festive window clings. Lucky for me, they only cost about 2 dollars per pack,  and immediately gave my room a Halloween feel! Plus, it’s just about the only way in most dorms to let the outside world see your Halloween spirit!

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