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Ask any college student what their favorite thing in the world is, and I’m ready to put money down that most of them will say FOOD. At any given time, if they’re not thinking about class or sleep, college students are probably daydreaming about food. Dining halls can be hit or miss as far as well rounded, satisfying meals go. If there is no convenient place to stock up on snacks (or you’re just not motivated enough to trek to the store to buy them) junk food and other various dorm room foods turn into a grand fantasy. Definitely don’t overlook food when you’re packing for college, because you want to arrive with an already substantial stash. But sometimes it’s hard to predict just what you’ll need. Here are some situations you’re likely to encounter and the perfect foods to go along with them!

Feeling lonely?

Is it a quiet night on the hall? Do you not have much homework to do – or are you looking to procrastinate? Popcorn is always the answer. Perhaps the most obvious of all necessary college snacks to keep on hand in your dorm, popcorn is a guaranteed way to attract friends. Hungry wayward college kids have evolved to be able to smell a freshly popped bag of popcorn from a mile away. If you make some you’ll probably have several students at your door begging to share within minutes. Instant friends. Just make sure not to burn it and set off the fire alarm, because nothing will turn the whole building against you faster.

When you have four hours of classes back to back and no time for lunch…

My sister is obsessed with working out, and she loves to eat healthy and load up of protein after a trip to the gym. She showed me these amazing bars called Quest Bars and they are one of my new favorite things. They come in all sorts of fantastic flavors like cookie dough, white chocolate raspberry, and other dessert-y kinds of things that you don’t trust to be healthy and tasty at the same time. But they are! Available online or in Vitamin Shops, Quest Bars are my go-to snack if I need something filling to get me through a long day. They keep me alert and appropriately full in an afternoon slump, plus they’re just delicious. Since they’re not just carbs, your less likely to crash or get really hungry again a half hour later. Bake them in an oven for a few minutes for an even better sensation!

On lazy days in your room…

Microwavable soup is the perfect thing for those days when you just don’t want to venture outside. Netflix is calling, your bed is super comfy, and it’s raining. Soup is what you need in your life. It can easily take the place of a dining hall meal if you want it to. There are a variety of brands like classic Campbell’s or the slightly more health conscious Healthy Choice. In both I tend to stick with the staple chicken noodle because I have never known chicken noodle soup to let me down on a rough day. If chicken noodle isn’t what you’re feeling, there are options to please anyone! Just remember to also stock up on plastic utensils which was probably the best buy I made before coming to school.

Rushing to an early class?

I keep a box of Special K cereal bars just for that occasion. Any time I have a class earlier than 9:30 there is a 0% chance I’m going to sacrifice a good 30 minutes of extra sleep to drag myself to the dining hall for breakfast. At the same time I always wake up hungry, and while Special K bars aren’t as filling as Quest Bars they will hold me over until I can get something with a bit more substance. I also tend to crave something sweet in the mornings, and these hit the spot. Most of them have yogurt drizzled on them or coating the bottom, and my favorites have little pieces of fruit that balance out the cereal. It’s a great thing to grab as you head out the door, so you can eat it on the way to class and not waste any of your valuable time.

A dorm room without food is an empty dorm indeed. Spend some time browsing the grocery store for good things that will warm your heart and fill your tummy during late night study sessions and movie nights! Keep in mind what will be easy to store and what won’t be too messy – bugs in dorms are an unfortunate and disgusting reality that no one wants to deals with but you sometimes have to. Even still, a steady stock of snacks will equal a much more bearable semester.

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