I know, I’m totally horrible. ENJOY, PEEPS.

  1. 24 Moments of Refreshing Honesty: Honesty, son.
  2. 16 Baby Elephants We Would Like To Be Best Friends With: Are there any baby elephants you WOULDN’T be best friends with?
  3. Why Docs Buy Crocs: It’s Easy To Get The Blood Off: Ratchet.
  4. 14 Questions Disney Forgot To Answer About “Cinderella”: YEAH, DISNEY, WHY?
  5. 27 Unexpected Ways Coffee Can Improve Your Life: Enough said.
  6. 11 Beyonce Quotes To Live By: Queen Bey is breaking it down for you.
  7. 21 Tips That Will Brighten Yours Work Morning: Do them.
  8. 5 Steps For Building Your Own Epic Blanket Fort: It’s totally acceptable to build one in college (trust me).
  9. 9 Facts About Coca-Cola’s History That Will Make You Go “Whoa”: Whoa.
  10. 34 People Who Have Infinitely More Swag Than You Ever Will: Swagmasters.
  11. 21 Photos That Will Turn Your Heart To Goo: OMG THIS IS MY FAVORITE LIKE I CAN’T STAND IT.
  12. How To Make Butter (Starting With A Cow): Moooooooooo.
  13. 11 Reasons Hippos Are The Most Awesome Animals Of All Time: But…what about the baby elephants…?
  14. The 45 Most Legendary Photos Ever Taken: Too. Much. Epicness.
  15. 14 Disney Characters As Modern-Day College Students: THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD.
  16. The 21 Most Overused Fashion Words: AmazeRock.
  17. 12 Things Morgan Freeman Definitely Said: Most definitely.
  18. 25 Galactic DIYs Inspired By Outer Space: Supersonic.
  19. The 21 Types Of Girls On Every College Campus: Too much truth.
  20. 26 Cereals From the ’90s You’ll Never Eat Again: Woorrdddd.

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