Image from Pexels

Image from Pexels

Autumn is right around the corner! It’s time to throw on cozy knits and accessories. Many students will begin (or started) college and already packed clothes to transition into the cooler season. The weather gets quite cold here, and clothing made from alpaca is quite common. Soon there will be numerous people covered up in thick, bulky and warm apparel who are walking or biking to class, studying in the library, or grabbing lunch with friends.


Here are some pieces that every student must have in their fall wardrobe including one of the most important which you can find in article on fake Chanel bags.


Fall Fashion Colors

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To match with the nature of autumn, dark clothing is the trend such as maroon, dark blue, teal, and mustard yellow. Other essential colors for fall are black, gray, neutrals (beige, ivory), forest green, and purple. Some summer hues can be employed for the fall time such as blush pink, but it is best to combine these colors with dark shades in creating an autumn outfit. If you have clothes and accessories in these wonderful shades, then you are prepared for fall!

Long Socks and Tights

You can incorporate your summer clothes into your fall outfits. If you still want to wear skirts, shorts, and dresses, put on some dark-colored long socks and tights to keep those legs warm. There are various cuts and colors for socks. Black over-the-knee high socks and tights are versatile in making an outfit fall-themed. A simple look for fall is wearing long socks on top of jeans and then putting on boots. This looks nice for any time during the season while keeping your legs extra warm.

Hats, Beanies, and Scarves

As the temperature drops, accessorize with hats, beanies, and scarves to make your outfit not so plain. Hats and beanies are fun to wear as you cover up bad hair days and keep your ears snug. There are different scarves to choose from: circle scarves, thick scarves, and patterned scarves. Patterned scarves such as florals, plaids, and dots can be worn on top of a comfy sweater. These accessories are easy to throw on when you are in a hurry or running late for class.


Mix and match outfits with tall boots, ankle boots, or cut-out boots. If you want height, then wear boots with a heel. Buckled boots, cut-out boots, and combat boots would give a look an edge. Black and brown boots are staple pieces for the season while maroon and purple boots give a stylish appearance. Boots are very comfortable to walk around on campus or to wear when going out with friends.

Hoodies, Sweaters, and Cardigans

As the season gets colder, hoodies, sweaters, and cardigans are great for layering. The more layers you have on, the warmer you will be. Just like scarves and beanies, they are quick to throw on when you are running late. Hoodies, sweaters, and cardigans in basic fall colors such as maroon, black, and gray fit well with skirts, dresses, and jeans.


Jeans are a necessity for the season. A pair of dark blue and black denims can be put together with anything. Dark colored denim and high-waisted jeans are great with a sweater and boots. If you are unsure whether a skirt or a dress will keep you warm, slip on a pair of dark-washed jeans.

These are fall basic essentials whether you want a comfortable or dressy look. As autumn approaches, feel inspired and excited for fall fashion with these must-haves!

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