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Image from Pexels.

Your college experience is invaluable, but we all understand that it is EXPENSIVE. Between tuition payments, room and board,  all of the club dues you’ll have to pay and late night pizza, it’s smart to save even before you arrive on campus.

There are literally oodles of fee waivers available for your use. It just takes some research, but luckily, The Prospect is here to help you find those outlets.

SAT Fee Waivers

This covers the cost of the basic test fees of SAT and SAT subject tests. You can get a fee waiver from your school counselor. You can use this up to FOUR times, so take advantage of this! To be eligible for this waiver, you are required to fill out The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). It’s called a “request for Application Fee Waiver” and your counselor will need to sign off on it. Eligibility is contingent on annual family income, but your counselor’s knowledge of your specific situation ultimately decides if you are eligible. Ask your college counselors if you meet the criteria! It doesn’t hurt to ask!

ACT Fee Waiver

This covers the cost of the ACT (no writing) and the ACT Plus Writing. Again, contact your school counselor to acquire a waiver. It includes one report to your high school and sends your score to four colleges maximum. You can use this up to TWO times. Eligibility is a little stricter, be sure to check out their website for specific regulations.

Application Fee Waivers

Most application fees cost between $35 to $50, but there are SO many ways to receive a fee waiver for your application. Keep in mid, several colleges review your application only when your application fee is paid. If you were eligible for an ACT or SAT waiver, you most likely will receive one for applications too. Check with the institution you are applying to and see if they have any fee waivers available.

The main point: the cost of these test fees should not prevent you from achieving your dreams! A simple google search will expose you to so many opportunities that offer financial help, so do your research!

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