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As the years lengthen on so does the history of our generation, as well as future generations yet to come. The revolution of our history is truly inspiring. It was not until the year 1972 that the US Department of Education finally passed a legislation that protected girls against discrimination based on their sex. When our moms were young, participating on a sports team was not an option. It was unheard of, until Title IX was enacted in 1978.

Title IX insisted on requiring gender equality in education and sports. Back in the day, any woman who had an aspiration to be an athlete was, for the most part, on her own. The motivation of having women participating on any sports team back then, has transformed how women athletes are recognized today. Young women today are considered blessed to always having that opportunity to participate on a sports team. Now, most of us can not even imagine not having the freedom or opportunity of choosing a sport and playing on that desired team. We are also very fortunate to be completely supported by our loved ones, as well as our educational system. We are really lucky in the fact that we (and not the system) get to determine exactly what kind of athletes we prefer to be.

Many women still want to pursue their athletic careers by choosing to play on college or university teams. Now, that’s not always the case. Recently there are growing numbers of women that are deciding to participate in solo endeavors such as yoga and even more joining recreational athletic clubs on their campus, instead of college or university sport teams.

Just because someone decides against being apart of a sports team, does that mean he or she is less of an athlete? In my personal opinion, it most certainly does not mean that he or is she less of an athlete. The biggest rival competitor of any talented athlete, are themselves. Especially for girls, the harsh truth of competition against one another is considered a norm. The only person you should try to be better than, is yourself.  Competing against other people can push yourself, but those other competitors certainly can not help the overall growth and progress of your individual performance.

That is all based on how much dedication you have for yourself. Many individual sports and activities are becoming more prominent, especially yoga and running. As a generation we are very independent and believe in investing in our own development rather than in an organization’s development. Self improvement and building our self-esteem in our eyes is a building block of working toward an overall state of great confidence and success.

Not being apart of a sports team does not have any effect on the outcome of your athletic strength and ability. It should only challenge you to work even harder for your own athletic success. Yes, it can be intimidating walking into the gym and looking around to see that you might be one of the few female athletes in the weight-lifting room, but don’t let that scare you. There are other ways you can build your athletic strength and ability instead of just lifting weights or working out on the elliptical machines. Running is an excellent form of cardio, as well as builds endurance, and speed.

Yeah, anyone can grab their tennis shoes, have their headphones ready to listen to a pump up playlist and go for a run. But, for those people who have a different idea of getting a nice workout in, yoga is most definitely for you! If you think you are not qualified to start yoga right now, you are very wrong. You do not need any athletic background to start. The practice of yoga makes the body strong and flexible. Yoga also improves overall function of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems. Yoga brings more awareness to the emotional stability, clarity of the mind and it is all about the union of a person’s own consciousness as well as the universe.

Many people do not realize how beneficial the practice of yoga is for your overall health.  The best part about yoga is that you do not need a studio, a gym, or a crowd of people to get your daily workout in. You can practice yoga in the comfort of your own home! The people who do not view yoga as a form of exercise that gains athletic strength, ability and endurance have not completely considered trying it themselves. What are you waiting for, go start your journey as an individual athlete and give yoga a try!

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