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Image from Pexels.

Text messaging is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get in touch with someone but it is also often the hardest to decipher. Over text, there’s no way to figure out the tone of a person’s voice, or if they break out in a goofy grin at something you said. Mix texting and flirting and it gets so much more complicated! As a teenage texter with a boyfriend, I’ve compiled a few observations from my personal experiences that can help you navigate the choppy waters of flexting (flirt-texting).

1. Smiley Faces

Generally, if a guy sends a smiley face in any text message, he likes you. I mean,  think about it! Sending a smiley face takes extra time and effort most guys won’t make if they don’t like the girls. When it comes to girls, it’s a little trickier to decipher. If a girl is known as really sweet, she might send smiley faces as part of her every day text messaging routine. If she sends smileys after thanking you for something, it doesn’t mean anything. If it’s after something general or she makes cute comments, she may consider you as more than a friend.

2. Winky Faces

I’m sure everyone knows by now winky faces aren’t nearly as innocent as regular smiley faces. If a guy sends you a winky face after a text, it usually means something sexual or that he finds you majorly attractive. Now don’t forget, there is a difference between a guy who thinks you’re beautiful and a guy who likes you. If the guy has a reputation as a player, or a guy that sleeps around, proceed with caution. If he texts you other sweet things or just wants to have a normal conversation, he probably wants you to be more than a friend.

3. Response Time

So you send a text message and he takes an hour to respond! What do you do? Well first off, if a guy replies almost immediately after you send a text, they really want to talk to you, meaning you’re either a really good friend or a potential love interest. If a guy takes an hour to respond, don’t freak out! I mean it; don’t worry yourself sick.

There are so many reasons why someone doesn’t respond. Maybe his phone got taken away, or he lost it in his room, or the phone died and he wasn’t near a charger. Better yet, maybe it’s on silent and he just didn’t hear it. Don’t stress about it! Personally, I’m horrendous at answering my text messages as soon as someone sends one. It’s not that I’m ignoring them, I just usually have my phone on silent and I can’t hear it! My boyfriend and my friends have come to expect it by now. Now, if someone continually takes hours to respond, maybe they aren’t interested.  Take a step back and don’t text them for a while. If they initiate the next conversation, that’s a good sign. If they don’t however, drop them like it’s hot. They don’t deserve your time because you are awesome.

4. Don’t Overanalyze

Some people, girls in particular, tend to occasionally overanalyze text messages. The best way to go (also the less-stressful) is to take a message completely literally. If someone says, “I had a good time with you” it means he had a good time. It doesn’t necessarily mean he wants a relationship with you right now and it definitely doesn’t mean he’s in love with you. If a guy abruptly says he has to go, he probably has to go. It’s not that he doesn’t want to talk with you anymore, it’s just that he genuinely has to go. Maybe his mom needs help or he’s getting on a plane. Whatever the reason, take text messages as literally as possible. If he means something, he’ll say it. I promise. It will take a load off if you don’t try to read into things! There’s no need to stress over something that isn’t even an issue.

Flirting over text message can be a little crazy and uncertain at times but I have faith in us.  Besides, we’re the technologically savvy generation; if anyone can get it, it will be us!  I wish you the best of luck in your future flexting sessions. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a pro in no time! Happy flexting!

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