When I was talking to my uncle about my plans in summer school, he warned me to stay away from the boys and focus on schoolwork. I smiled and assured him that boys wouldn’t be a problem. As my uncle smiled back, satisfied with my response, I turned away and muttered under my breath, “It’s the computer that I need to stay away from.”

I’ve been single for all seventeen years of my life. That means that I have never been on a date, and have never kissed anyone else besides my parents. Then again, I can’t say that I’m surprised. I went through that extremely awkward phase in middle school, and I’m not too sure that I’m out of that phase right now. Nevertheless, everything about me just seems to repel the opposite sex. Either that or it could also be that I go on Tumblr all day long, wasting away my precious youth. But, I swear I don’t have cooties.

At summer school, all the girls around me seem so boy crazy. Once the word “boys” is said out loud, these girls just freak out and get so excited about them. Some even find boyfriends during that short one-month period. Maybe it’s because they all know just what to do when guys are around, except me. I just approach them like how I would approach any other normal person. But if there is some special way, how did you know that? Was there some seminar about how to approach the opposite sex that I somehow missed?

You also start feeling left out after seeing all your friends get their first boyfriends, girlfriends, or just dates. Even the people that you wouldn’t think would date is in a relationship before you. But then again, they are also the people on Facebook that posts the cheesiest and most dramatic relationship statuses, that makes me glad that I’m single. But is it that hard for someone of the opposite sex to just like me? Maybe.

The problem may not just be my looks, but my personality as well. I’m the type that tends to not start conversations, and wait for others to talk to me first. I didn’t see a problem with that, but I now do. Other people don’t know me, why should they talk to me? I may or may not be the person to go to for relationship advice, even though some of my friends asks me about it, but here it goes. The only way to get to know another person better is for you to start the conversation. If you like that person a lot, then start hanging out together more and even ask for a date. I know that this isn’t easy at all. In fact, it may probably be one of the hardest thing to do. But, relationships and all that stuff isn’t easy. If it was, I probably wouldn’t still be single. I’m just here to give you an extra push.

However, it sometimes feels like I’m going to be single forever. I know I can always get twelve cats to keep me company, but I want more. Then I start to think of Plato’s The Sympsium. According to Greek mythology, humans were created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. But, Zeus was scared that they would become too powerful and split the humans in half, and thus caused them to spend the rest of their lives searching for their other halves. Oh, Zeus. This means that even though you may not find someone in high school, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to find that person in college or at some random grocery store. There is someone for everybody out there. It just means that you have to start searching.

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Chloe is currently a student studying at a international school in Hong Kong. Her favorite subjects are biology and chemistry. When she is not cramming for her tests or rushing to finish her homework, she enjoys scrolling through Tumblr, checking Instagram, and watching TV shows (Castle fan over here!) religiously. Her obsessions include Grumpy Cat and K-pop.

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  1. Lucy on July 18, 2013

    This was such a cute well-written article. :3

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