I love my guy best friends more than anything, but let’s be real here: sometimes I want to punch them in the face. Boy friends, not boyfriends, are extremely lovable in a brother-always-there-for-you-doesn’t judge-your-girl-drama kinda way. However, at the same time, they can be insensitive and oblivious to the world. So, what are some giant pros and cons to having guy friends?


  1. They are like a brother to you, but won’t use your shenanigans as blackmail against you to your parents like an actual brother would.
  2. They can give a guy’s perspective on many situations that you tend to blow out of proportion. Buying the same prom dress as another girl is suddenly not as big of a deal as you thought it was.
  3. As weird and clueless guys can be, they never intentionally start drama just for the sake of starting drama. Girls are catty and bratty and can be mean and jealous for no reason. Every girl secretly hates another girl just because she is really pretty and wears the cutest clothes. Guys couldn’t care less.
  4. Boys always like to try new things, be exciting, and take adventures, whereas girls would rather sit at home and watch a movie while painting their nails.
  5. Guys will always drive you everywhere, hold the door open, and let you go first, which is great since no one wants to waste gas, and chivalry is still cute no matter what the time period.
  6. Girls, even best friends, are extremely competitive. Whether it’s with grades, clothes, or boys, girl friends are constantly trying to be the smartest, wear the cutest clothes, and talk to the hottest boys. With your guys friends, there isn’t this psychological warfare type of competition, and you don’t have to be self-conscious around them.
  7. They can be adorable and nice when you need someone to talk to, and sometimes they are just so cute that you want to put them in your pocket and carry them around everywhere.


  1. Boys can be extremely insensitive and oblivious. Just yesterday I told my guy best friend a secret, and not realizing he was not supposed to tell anyone, he told everyone.
  2. At times, boys don’t grasp the concept that girls have emotions and feelings that are easily hurt. Girls can’t just shake off a mean comment, and we can take “teasing” very offensively if it is done in excess.
  3. My guy best friends are adorable and hilarious, and the girls are always after them, which is fine. They are like my brothers though, and the thought of some girls around them makes me want to barf, so my protective instincts kick in and I can get a little feisty. Suddenly, you are no longer the number one girl in your guy friend’s life, and now there is some other chick that you have to schedule plans around. Also, no one wants to see her “brothers” all over other girls…EW.
  4. The inevitable crush that may form. If your guy best friend is worthy of being your best friend, then he is probably worthy of being crushed on. Every pair of guy and girl best friends will get the “Aww you guy would be so cute together” comment, and in many cases one falls for the other one, which can suck, especially if you’re thought of as a little sister. Who knows though, everyone always hears those love stories of the two best friends that get married.

In the end though, the pros outweigh the cons, and guy friends are great to have no matter what stupid thing they decide to do from time to time!

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