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College costs a lot of money. That’s why many college students choose to have a part-time job while pursuing their University degree. Not only does a job put extra cash into your pocket, but it can also provide irreplaceable work experience that can help you when you have to step into the ‘real world’. However, having a job while keeping up with midterms and papers also adds a lot more stress to your workload. It’s important to choose a job that works with your schedule and your life-style. While you probably won’t find your dream job, here are some of the fun jobs that you can work at on-campus that will (hopefully) be more play than work.


Chances are that college has turned you into a caffeine-addict. Working at your college’s on campus café means that you’ll probably be able to satisfy your caffeine cravings for free and learn to make some yummy drinks. Being a barista is also great if you enjoy interacting and meeting new people while working in a fast-paced environment. You’ll probably look forward to spending some quiet time in the library after a shift serving coffee. Better yet, being an on campus barista will give you excellent experience if you want to work in a café off campus or in the future- plus the tips won’t hurt either.

Library Attendant

If you want a job that is more low-key, consider getting a job at your school’s library. Library attendants are typically in charge of maintaining an appropriate library environment, such as making sure students aren’t being disruptive or eating and drinking in the study areas. Other responsibilities may include administrative tasks such as returning books to their proper places or answering any questions students may have. This job is great because, chances are, you can get some of your own schoolwork done as you oversee the library environment.

Tour Guide

Most schools are always looking for enthusiastic students with a lot of school spirit to show prospective students and their families around campus. Channel your energy and trivia about your University into this fun on campus job. Hours are typically flexible and you’ll most likely get to be outside for the majority of the tours. Plus you’ll learn tons of trivia about your college that you can use to wow friends and family next time you take a trip home.

Teaching Assistant

This is one job that not only provides great money, but is also killer work experience. Teaching assistants are typically responsible for grading schoolwork and answering student questions during office hours, however they may also be responsible for holding conferences, discussions, and even giving lectures. Teaching assistants are needed in all types of courses, so you can choose what area interests you the most. It also gives you the chance to work alongside a professor and (hopefully) score an amazing reference letter in the end or open you up to new possibilities.

Research Assistant

This is another job that serves as excellent work experience and can help you make connections to benefit you in the future. Departments of all types- history, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, philosophy- recruit research assistants to help professors with their studies. Some of the work may be more hands on, while other times it may deal with doing background research. This job can give you the chance to participate in life-changing research and can expose you to what a job in academics or research would look like. Plus you’ll be able to network with professors and other professionals that can help you with future opportunities.

Peer Tutor

Since you pay so much to study, you may as well put your knowledge to good use. Peer tutoring is both a great way to help your fellow students and help keep your brain refreshed on topics you may not have studied in a while. Tutoring can be fun if your able to tutor in a subject that you’re passionate and genuinely interested about. Hours are generally flexible and you can most likely tutor more or less depending on what your schedule for the month looks like.

Floor Fellow/ RA

Free rent is probably the best part of this job. While Universities always have different names for this job, floor fellows/ RAs are the individuals who are in charge of keeping the peace in dorms and residences. This job comes with a lot of responsibility- you have to ensure your residents’ safety, deal with any issues that may they arise, and organize the occasional meeting or group outings. However, it gives you the chance to get to know other students in residences and live in a community-oriented environment. Plus you’ll be saving tons of money on rent each semester.


While you’ll have to be of legal age to score a job like this, being a bartender is one of the most fun jobs on campus. Many schools have on-campus bars that are open weekday evenings and on the weekends, so the hours won’t conflict with your class schedule. You’ll be able to work in a fun atmosphere and socialize with everyone who comes in to order a drink or two (and yes, that means your friends can visit you on the job). You’ll also learn how to make yummy drinks, a skill that will be beneficial to you even in adulthood.

Alumni Call Center

Just like the name sounds, at an alumni call center you’d be calling past alumni to solicit them for donations and keep them up-to-date with what’s happening on campus. This job can get stressful at times, but most people describe their University’s call center as a little community in itself. When you’re not on the phone with someone, you’ll have time to do your schoolwork or socialize with the other students working the same shift as you. Plus, you’ll be helping to raise funds that will directly benefit your college and that’s a pretty awesome thing to be working towards.

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t enjoy your part-time job! If you do find yourself balancing work with school, make sure to take care of yourself. You can’t perform to the best of your ability if you’re not putting yourself first. Let us know in the comments if there’s any other amazing on-campus jobs we should know about and how you handled the stress of working while being in college!

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