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Image from Pexels.

It’s been said time and time again: the Internet is not your friend when it comes to studying. Chided by parents, warned by teachers; it’s clear that the virtual world is regarded as a distraction that eats up time and turns our brains into mush, one Buzzfeed article at a time.

Question: Is this really so?

Answer: Not if you know where to go.

While it’s true that chatting with your friends on Facebook or scrolling through your Twitter feed doesn’t help you study for your Spanish test, there are ways to combine the entertainment of the Internet with some needed studious motivational tools. That’s where “studyblrs” come in.

Studyblrs are Tumblr blogs that focus on the importance of school, study tips, sleep habits, and pretty stationary. Riddled with motivational quotes, interesting learning techniques, and a supportive community of students all with one common goal: achieve to the highest degree.

The layout is quite standard; an X year old student from Y country working hard to get into Z university/program/job/etc. Along with their fellow studyblr bloggers, they swap math tips, note-taking apps like Evernote or Noteshelf, Moleskin notebook and Staedtler pen reviews, and egg each other on during the difficult finals seasons.

It seems odd, after all Tumblr, like any other social media site presents itself as a procrastinator’s trap: a mixture of pretty pictures and funny articles that waste away the hours. So how does a studyblr help you learn? In the same way Pinterest makes you lust over Nutella mug cakes or exquisite designer dresses, studyblrs provide beautiful studyscapes (organized chaos collages of pens, paper, and coffee cups) of their history notes or biology readings. Motivational quotes, accompanied by a cute cartoon, inspire others to break out the books and get to work. The printable study guides and the studying techniques posts give others new ways to get the most out of their study sessions.

In a school society that feeds off the downfall of fellow peers, the studyblr community is a breath of fresh air. They motivate, coach, and welcome all of those who are ready to learn under their wing (well, more like their tag). The studyblr community is really moreover like a Hermione Granger Convention. They encourage Pomodoro techniques and SelfControl. By the power vested in colorful flashcards, they post tips on how to review for tests effectively and efficiently. Highly motivated and extremely ambitious, studyblrs provide a supportive and safe community for anyone – not just those with straight As – with ways to improve their marks, mental health, and school/social life balance.

For me, having a studyblr (shamelss plug right here) made me commit to my goals and kept me in check whenever I wanted to procrastinate on work. Seeing the Elle Woods GIFS and desks strewn with work prompted me to get back to the grind. Talking with other studyblrs and exchanging advice introduced me to a wonderful community where individual success was the shared goal. Asking questions about university applications put me at ease as I tried to navigate through my weekly existential crises. Following the academic lives of my Internet friends bolstered my motivation to produce similar results and ignited the drive to work harder. Much like a football coach before the big game, the pep talks typed out by my fellow students made me focus and activated the right mindset to study.

Creating a studyblr welcomed me into a community that supports and praises the nerdy. It’s good to study hard and make flashcards, and it’s important to get 8 hours of sleep instead of cramming. Here, health, well-being, and learning is celebrated; we are not competing against each other à la Hunger Games, we are competing against ourselves, for ourselves.

Have motivation and need a push to get your studying tactics on track? Looking for some motivation to get your work done? Feel like those around you don’t share the same need for studying as you? Want to share your goals, dreams, and wishes with others who can help you succeed?

Whatever your studying needs may be, there’s a spot for you on the studyblr tag.

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