High School Juniors: Apply for Admit/Deny 2014, a Blogging Opportunity!

Are you a junior in high school? Are you looking to gain more writing and blogging experience? Do you want to add something cool to your high school résumé? Do you want to work with a staff that describes itself as “nerdy chic” (at least, that’s what we tell ourselves…)?

Well, we are here to present you with an exciting offer.

The Prospect is looking for 4-6 high school juniors to blog for the next year (12 months) about their college admissions/higher education experiences. From now until April 26th, you can apply to be one of these incred bloggers.

How to apply (we’ll repeat this part at the end of this post too!): Fill out THIS ONLINE APPLICATION (we made it short ‘n’ sweet on purpose because you’re all busy people and AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT). Then, email us (info@theprospect.net) your resume (this will not affect your chances of getting a spot) and 1-2 writing sample(s). These writing samples should be things that show your personality: a personal narrative, a Tumblr post, a Facebook post, some funny original Tweets, anything.


  • Being yourself (yeah, we went there): You get to write it in YOUR voice. No academic writing, no boring assignments. YOU pick what parts of your journey you write about.
  • Seriously, personality: We DO NOT care about what your GPA is/what your test scores are/what colleges you want to apply to. We care about your writing voice. We care about finding and following interesting people.
  • Exposure (I promise we’re not pulling a second Nate Thayer incident): Along with your posts, you will receive your own Prospect website bio that will link followers to whatever you want: your blog, website, Twitter, Facebook, personal home address, social security number, anything.
  • Experience: Writing can be a great boost regardless of what field you’re going into (but for all you cool cats looking at writing or journalism, having some actual publishing creds can be wicked helpful).
  • Bragging rights: “Oh, I’m a contributor for a popular online publication.” Yeah, you’ll be that kid.


  • You may overdose on swag.


  • Must be a high school junior entering senior year next year (public, private, parochial, homeschooled, we don’t care what type of school)
  • Personal/unique writing voice (we don’t do academic/”cardboard” writing)


  • 1 quality post of 800-1200 words every month for The Prospect for 12 months
  • Approximately 1-2 hours of work per week (if you’re writing that week)
  • Full immersion in the journalism process–proofreading, editing, constructive suggestions (I promise we’re nice and fun!)
  • Check out the 2013-2014 Admit/Deny posts for a better idea of what you’ll be writing


  • THIS APP. (Again, check out previous Admit/Deny posts so you know what you’re applying for!)
  • Email a resume and 1-2 writing samples to info@theprospect.net (writing sample suggestions come after you complete this form).

Note: We would recommend having your resume/writing sample ready to send before you complete your app so that you can send them to us directly after. We need BOTH parts of the application for you to be eligible!


  • March 26: Application opens.
  • April 26: Application closes.
  • May 1: Applicants notified.

HAVE QUESTIONS? Email us at info@theprospect.net!

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Lily Herman is a junior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Besides bopping around on The Prospect, Lily is a columnist for USA TODAY College (read the Quad Report, yo); an editorial intern for The Daily Muse; a contributing editor for the campus blog Wesleying; a national contributing editor for Her Campus; and an editorial/marketing intern at HelloFlo. When she is not studying or awkwardly waving at people around campus, Lily enjoys eating Sour Patch Kids and re-watching the Friday Night Lights series finale (she's Team Saracen, by the way). Also (shameless plug alert), feel free to follow her on Twitter, or email her at lherman(at)theprospect(dot)net.

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  1. Sumayia on March 26, 2014

    -Gets up from uncomfortable desk chair and dances around. Classmates stare. Back to the desk chair.-
    This is such an awesome opportunity! Totally going for it!
    -Crosses fingers and hopes to be accepted.-

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