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It’s hard being a high schooler, and it’s no wonder so many of us are angry, frustrated, or on edge often.  A Harvard survey of 10,148 teens, the National Comorbidity Survey Replication Adolescent Supplement, found that nearly 2/3 of all teens in the United States have anger issues.  2/3 is a huge number, and according to Teen Violence Statistics, most angry teens release their anger through “road rage, dating violence, trying to control others with anger, acting irritable or being in a bad mood frequently, fighting, arguing, and outbursts of rage, sometimes against those who are innocent or weaker, including younger siblings or pets”.

There may be many reasons why you are angry, and it is very common for teenagers to be angry as high school can be a confusing time of transition.  We are often stressed out because of the pressure of school and of college rigt around the corner.  However, channeling your anger/stress/frustration into violent or irritable behavior is unhealthy.  There are many alternatives to these types of behaviors that are healthier for you and for those around you.

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Small Solutions

Check out the article “20 Scientifically-Backed Ways To De-Stress Right Now” for some awesome ways to de-stress.  Basically, any activity that increases endorphins will help you to become less angry/stressed/frustrated.  For example, going for a walk in a park or being in a green, natural setting will produce a calming effect.  Something similar to this which you can easily do is buy a plant or a few!  It is scientifically proven that being around plants makes you more relaxed, so putting a few plants near where you study or in your room may help you feel calmer.  Other solutions to immediately feel less angry and frustrated are putting down your phone and not looking at a screen for a while, because looking at a computer for too long does not have positive effects on your mind or brain.  Again, technology makes us stressed out, so try to stay away from it.

Exercising is a huge way to boost endorphins, so running on a trail or in a park, taking a bike ride, swimming, going to the gym, or taking a class like kickboxing or spinning are great ways to de-stress.

Doing something repetitive, like throwing a ball or knitting can produce a soothing effect as well!  Many crafty type of activities fall under this category.

Eating a banana can lower blood pressure, while eating candy can make you feel happier.

Try some breathing exercises or put pressure on the joint between your pointer and middle finger to alleviate stress, Dr. Sharon Melnick says.

Another way to release anger is to kiss someone!  You might need a boyfriend or girlfriend for this one, however…

Big Solutions

Instead of getting so worked up about tests and school and college and other frustrating or stressful things, it is helpful to adjust your attitude and get some perspective.  It is likely that you are stressed out over something that in the long run will not have any impact on your life, and if this is the case, you shouldn’t sweat it.  In reality, it doesn’t really matter if you end with a B+ or an A- in Chemistry, and in 5 years it probably won’t be important that you lost your student council election.  Putting things in perspective will help you to stop worrying about things that do not hold much importance.

Another attitude adjustment can come from realizing that the world does not revolve around you.  While this may seem like a weird way to be less frustrated, it helps.  Not everything you do is so important that it warrants a bucket of tears and a gallon of stress.  Chill out — it will be fine.

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